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  • Rant My love life sucks!
    (09-11-2019, 07:27 AM)Ridiculous Wrote:  or coworkers/uninvolved people start rumor mongering and they get turned off by that and quickly distance themselves from me.

    What does this statement mean? What rumors are you the victim of?

    This rant kinda has an Incel-ish tone to it. NO disrespect, but maybe because people don't know where you are coming from, they tend to be apprehensive. Either you are their friend, or you try to date them.

    Maybe a better approach would be to chat them up but make a move straight away... I'm not talking about ass grabbing, but ask her on a date. If she says no, then you can be friends with no regrets or worries about anything going further.

    What you did was nice, but you should never expect a quid pro quo for stuff. That adds to the creep factor... I wonder if she thinks you were trying to buy her off with stuff since you were afraid to pull the trigger. And her to see this, if she did go out with you, is something she may have to worry about. Women kinda wanna be taken care of, not to take care of someone, or at least have to always guess intentions...

    Next time, I'd say fuck it and just ask someone out. Once you are in the friend zone, it is possible to get out of it, but doing what you did is not the way. As far as her hugging others and not you... That should be an indicator, but really not your business... If she wanted to hug you, she would have... Maybe try to figure out what she's thinking of and straight-up tell her... But then again, with this new day and age of sexual harassment, you may wanna just chalk this up to a learning experience. LOL, you can be friends after a relationship doesn't work... This i know from experience. The friendship may be better since expectations are already set...

    Or just go into it thinking you don't care what happens, that way you will be yourself and not put on the act of being on your best behavior and fuck things up by being disingenuous.
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