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  • My country 'landed a man on the sun' lie goes viral
    Can't say how much I am laughing at this one.

    My country apparently sucessfully landed a man on the sun. The name of this astronaut? Hong Gong, with no Phooey at the end surprisingly.

    Report Of North Korea Landing Man On
    Sun Goes Viral - Ktar.com

    Big Grin
    Who needs fission and nuclear reactors, when you have nuclear fusion energy. Well done !

    Progress might have been all right once, but it has gone on too long -- Ogden Nash
    I have heard about that in the past.

    The most important detail is that in order to make a landing on the sun, it is far too hot to accomplish that during the day. So, it must be done during the night when things cool down a bit. Otherwise, the intense heat would melt any spacecraft that ever landed during the day.

    Also, if the people who land on the sun want to plant any grass from sod, they must remember to plant the sod with the "Green side up"!
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    I think you have to land on the dark side of the sun
    To be honest, the sun isn't that hot. The surface is 4 times colder than lightening, at a tanning 6,000 degrees Celsius (FUCK Y'ALL WHO STILL USE IMPERIAL MEASURES) I mean, at that pathetic temperature, you could dig down into the core, where it's a more uncomfortable 15 million degrees Celsius. 6,000 degrees is only enough to turn every known metal on Earth to gas.

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