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  • My beef with pornography
    I think you missed System Folder's point. Confused

    Never underestimate the power of human stupidity.
    - Robert A. Heinlein
    (06-24-2014, 05:11 AM)velvetfog Wrote:  I think you missed System Folder's point. Confused

    Please enlighten me.
    He tried to point out that porn is no more addictive than water, merely natural for us to consume.

    Never underestimate the power of human stupidity.
    - Robert A. Heinlein
    (06-24-2014, 02:08 PM)velvetfog Wrote:  He tried to point out that porn is no more addictive than water, merely natural for us to consume.

    No, I understood that quite well...and that is exactly what I was arguing against.

    Just because porn is readily available and, for the most part, socially accepted, doesn't mean it's "natural for us to consume".

    Smoking kills people. It's readily available and just as socially accepted as porn is, if not more so. Is smoking natural?
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    It's just as natural as any other human behavior. People seem to miss the point that we humans, are animals. Any animals, including human animals, are a part of nature. So, it follows that anything man-made is also natural.This includes, but is not limited to, our own sexual desires; which is easily pacified with porn. The animal sexual response is completely natural, just like any other human need. Most religions of the world try to suppress our animal sexual response, and other primal urges, in an attempt to control their devotees. These urges and not [i]bad[i], nor are they something to be vilified; they should be indulged and celebrated; for they have kept us, as a species, alive for millions of years. Without them, none of us would be alive today.

    [Image: MyUserBar2.gif]
    Good to see you back brother!!! And always with the wisdom ahead of it's time. I agree with your post 100%
    Relationships and love should never have sex included in them in the first place. There is no sex is love, and there never was. That's why you see it as a problem. Porn is the truth about sex. Sexual stimulation is not connected to emotions, and should not be. You should not be worried. It's important that we all learn that sex doesn't belong in a relationship. You can say whatever you want to me about this, but no one will ever convince me that it is possible in any way to express love through sexual penetration. Period.

    Sex is meant for reproduction.
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    David, The OP has sex with his dog...Although he may be a decent guy, it's inherently wrong to have sex with animals... I don't believe in religion (you may, and that's cool) but I think most books of religion say sex with animals is no good.

    I've talked to the OP in PM, and he seems like a good caring guy, and I don't judge him as bad, but I do judge his actions as wrong. I told him to see a psychiatrist... I can't remember how the PM went, and my PM is deleted, but I think he agreed that he had a fucked up life, and professional help might be something to look into. He doesn't post here anymore, but I hope he is well and getting help for his issue.

    If you love someone so much, you want to pleasure then to make them feel good... That's how I think with my wife at least.. I think sex is a physical expression of love. Let's say you're married, if you partner shares the same views as you , then OK, I'll agree with you to your point FOR YOUR CIRCUMSTANCE, but what if your partner wants sex, is withholding sex a way of withholding love????
    No one is truly in love with you, if they do not feel a lack of sexual interest in you in favor of a higher amount of interest in you as a person. Sexual pleasure is something you can give yourself when you are alone, and if one does not feel a lack of interest in receiving sexual pleasure when being with you, then they do not truly have feelings for you. If one does not feel like it would be wrong and inappropriate to have you giving them sexual pleasure, then they do not truly love you as the person you are.

    You cannot fall in love with someone, without also at the same time feeling a lack of sexual interest in that person. It's a thing that goes along with liking and loving people. This is why I believe that one is not truly in love with you until they by themselves stop wanting to have sex with you.
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    (12-05-2015, 08:01 PM)David Wright Wrote:  No one is truly in love with you
    That's where you're wrong, my friend... My wife was maddly in love with me...I know thhis know because I know what I've lost... See, I don't want to bore the old time members with my preamble, but I was A middle management sup backup for a fortune 100 company. However, I was severely depressed, ever since I was a kid.. I just bottled it up and did my thing.

    I met my wife, and I never really showed her my love, because I was depressed with my self, so I didn't love myself... That being said, I thought, who can really love me??? that's right, NO ONE... So I took her love for granted, I loved her, and when I'd get another bonus or promotion I'd "show my love" by giving her the money.

    Then it all spiraled out of control, my depression got the best of me ...I attempted suicide 2 times... And put my family and friends through hell, losing some in the process (even online friends), because I think being depressed was better than being loved, as it was my natural way to feel.

    None of what I just said iis off topic, since I think you can relate to some of it, AND, my wife says she'll always love me, but she is no longer in love with me...For the casual reader, these are just words, but it cuts my heart out. and it's proof positive that dispells your theory that no one is truly in love with you, because I've had it, I've felt it, but at the time, I was a douche bag..

    I know love exists bro, I felt it, no love no longer exists for me, and all I can feel is the cold wind going through the hole that's in my heart where the love used to be...

    I'm telling you this so you don't go down the same road I went down... Maybe you should talk to a counselor (someone with the knowledge to help you out). Therapy works wonders... I'm not saying you're a psycho by any means, but the tone of your posts have a hint of sadness, and me being depression, can recognize that...

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