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  • Help Request My Google Toolbar has been Hijacked somehow
    I installed the Google toolbar 2 or 3 years ago and I love it. It saves me from this two step process:

    1) go to Google.com
    2) do my search

    I could do it in a single step by just entering my search into the Google Toolbar on my Firefox window.

    Unfortunately, somehow the Yahoo search engine seems to have "Hijacked" (I'm not certain if that is the correct word?) and now, when I try to use my toolbar, it uses the Yahoo search engine instead of Google.

    That really pisses me off. I always try to read any windows that popup and ask me if I want to make some changes. I can't recall ever being asked about using the Yahoo search engine and I'm guessing this was done somehow without my knowledge or permission.

    I tried to run the Malware Anti-Malware app. But it tells me my free trial has expired and it wants me to send them more money.

    I'm guessing many people must send them money when that happens. But I'm certain there is one version of the Malware app I can run for free.

    I have two questions.

    1) Am I correct about there being one version of Anti-Malware I can use for free?

    2) How do I get rid of this Yahoo search engine and restore my association with Google?

    I'd sure appreciate any help. TIA.


    P.S. I saved the output screen from the Anti-Malware run. It showed some 16 threats. I minimized the window intending to keep it until I heard back. But for some reason, minimizing the window made it disappear. I suppose I can run it again.

    I tried to copy the text in that window so I could show you what it said. But it proved to be resistant to copying the text. I suppose I could always run it again and then figure out how to do a "screen shot". But I'm hoping someone here will be able to tell me how to get rid of this association with Yahoo without needing to do that.

    By the way, I'm sure this happened a while ago and running Anti-Malware fixed it. So I was hoping to do that again. But no such luck.
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    About two hours after I ran the Anti-Malware scan, a window popped up and asked me if I'd like to accept all of the recommendation to handle all the problems it found.

    I clicked on "Yes" and it told me that it had moved them all into the vault. It then asked me for permission to restart my PC and I clicked on Yes.

    Unfortunately, it stll lets the Yahoo search engine handle all the requests I enter into my toolbar in Firefox.

    I'm hoping that I am closer to a successful resolution of this problem.

    Does anyone have any suggestion as to what I might do (possible a deletion in my Registry?) to get back to Google?
    Firefox recently switched from Google to Yahoo as their default search engine for users in the USA. This was in the news. Perhaps it is to do with that.

    In FF, Go to Options -> Search and try changing the Default Search Engine setting.

    Progress might have been all right once, but it has gone on too long -- Ogden Nash
    Thanks very much Radiobox.

    I changed it as you suggested but that didn't do anything. I probably have to restart my machine at the least.

    I'll try that later and I'll let you know.
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