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  • My GOD Is The Only True GOD!!!
    What can i say??!!??

    It's true!¬!!.
    I'm Catholic and therefore anyone who's not are doomed to burn in the bowls of hell for all eternity.
    But all's not lost.
    If you want to save your mortal soul, I CAN HELP!!
    Post your wishes and current religious status and, depending on the level of conversion/salvation you wish (can pay) for, i'll help you out.!!
    If you help me save my mortal soul, will you pay me interest?

    Not that I need help, obviously, being Catholic. I feel for the poor miserable Proddies dying and getting sent to their buttoned-up Heaven.
    Your "GOD" is merely a title.

    The idea of heaven is not supported by the TANAKH or even dare I say the Bible. (Nor is hell)

    The pagan side of Catholicism always captures my fancy, it's loverly.

    Keep yer coppers, oh wait you wanted mine, righto - let the parade of rant commence!
    Look, he might have been your God first but we made him cool.
    But you gave him a blase title "God". GOD could be any deity.

    I want to see God in the pope hat. Big Grin
    It's much more likely you'll see the Virgin Mary in your toast.

    I'm with you on the God thing... but maybe he figured that was all the identification he needed... like Elvis being called "The King". I wonder if God has ever worn sequins?
    Bwahahahahhaaaaaaa OK - so I have no picture in my head of God, but seeing as how some christian denominations equate Jesus as God himself - I have an image stuck in my head of that ridiculous anglo-saxon depiction of Christ with sequined bell bottoms and a pope hat LMAOLMAOLMAOLMAO
    Good, may it be indelibly imprinted on your mind... such is the awesome power of Catholicism.
    Boondock Saints (scene with coffee cups in hand)- "Body of Christ, Body of Christ, Body of Christ"
    (12-22-2011, 09:29 PM)Leanne Wrote:  Good, may it be indelibly imprinted on your mind... such is the awesome power of Catholicism.

    I have another paint project now Heart

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