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  • Music My Ears Are Bleeding!!
    Is there a Singer, Performer, Band, or Music Artist out there that makes your ears bleed? Or makes you immediately change radio stations? Or what about a song that makes you sick or causes instant nausea? Lets rant about it. I will go first.

    I absolutely hate to hear the singing of Jennifer Nettles from the country group Sugarland. She sounds like there is a big ass bug in her throat that is trying to get out when she sings!!!! She has a powerful voice but that buzzy sound kills my Ears!!!! Oh my GOD CHANGE THE CHANNEL WHEN SHE COMES ON. During her performance on the last award show she sang on i HAD TO MUTE THE TV!!! Like nails on a chalk board.

    Bunnies are better
    screamo shit makes my ears bleed.
    just got back from a restaurant,they were playing Sinatra,bye appetite Angry
    stick ur flute in ur ears ya might hear the birds and the bees sing

    it's called earwaxing
    any nostalgic songs covered by boys band....and girls band....

    [Image: fdhgsdssff.jpg]
    May My Light guides you
    [Image: bad-image.png]

    Wildcard is awesome.
    Anything by Journey.

    Fistfull of xanax
    I absolutely agree with you Mark. Justin B......how annoying.

    Bunnies are better
    Any gabba makes my ears bleed. It's annoying, pointless, and makes my poo itch. Like this:

    It has novelty because it's funny, but i don't get how people can emulate an epileptic fit for 6 hours in a club to this stuff. Nay

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