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  • My Dogs, My Rules.
    I'm so frustrated I'm going to explode soon.. And the worst part is, I can't. All of my frustration and resentment is directed at my boyfriend's parents.

    Where to begin. So a few years ago my previous boyfriend stole my credit card and put me thousands of dollars in debt. As a result I had no place to go and had to move into my parent's house. I hate being there because they are both pastors on a serious mission to convert their atheist daughter.. and also because they refuse to let my two dogs come live there with me. Their excuse is that there isnt room, even though they have plenty of room in their giant house and would bend over backwards to help any of their congregation - just not their own daughter. So even though I have my own place, I pretty much live with my current boyfriend and his family on their 20 acre property.

    At first it was great! They're very welcoming, very outgoing, they love to drink and have a good time, what's not to love? The only hitch was, his parents grew up in a country where dogs are dirty animals that stay outside. I can stay there with them as long as I like, but my dogs will never set foot indoors. This crushes me even to this day, because I have spent the last 7 years working in the dog industry - mainly dog training and rescue, and am firmly, morally against outdoor dogs. However, it appears that I have no choice. The boyfriend made me feel better by building them a very spacious and heated dog house, to which I am eternally grateful. We will also be moving into a separate house together on the property once it is completed this summer.. And in this house the dogs are allowed indoors.

    As the weeks turned to months, I began to grow frustrated by his family. Their "outgoing" personalities seemed more overbearing and pushy than anything. His mom micromanages everything that I do. His sister comes downstairs and steals my beer from our fridge. His dad picks fights with me about everything that I say (apparently "Canadian" is not a nationality Undecided) I grew frustrated once or twice and will admit, I did vent my frustrations to my boyfriend. He didn't take offence.. Just took them all in stride, listened to everything I had to say and then hugged me until I felt better. I began to realize that some things I'll just have to tolerate.

    Lately however, things are happening that I can no longer handle. Because his parents wont allow the dogs indoors, my dogs have to stay outdoors on the property. My one girl (a three legged dog) will stay close to the house, but the other will run off the second she feels like it and has been found several times in the road. I've had to resort to tying her up with a 50 ft rope just to keep her safe. Lately however, my boyfriend's parents have started taking it upon themselves to untie her whenever they see fit. Because "you're just being over protective" or "you're being mean, let her be a dog!" I've tried to tell them that this isn't their call, and that I will not risk my dog getting lost or hit by a car, but they just laugh at me. Last night I went outside to play with her and she was nowhere to be found - they'd let her loose again. I spent a good 15-20 searching and screaming for her, only to find her blocking traffic on a busy street in the pitch black (she is a solid black dog to boot). When confronted about it, they acted surprised and told me that they didn't think it was that serious.

    Not only that.. His sister asked if she could take my dogs for a hike the other day. I told her she could take the black one but not the three legged one because I am really protective of her and don't want anything happening to her remaining leg. I told her VERY CLEARLY not to let the black dog off of her leash at ANY point in the hike, because 90% of the time she stays, but if something catches her attention she will take off.. In fact, the week before I had taken her for a hike and she ended up running right back down the mountain on me and was lost for over an hour. His sister swore to me that she would honour my wishes. When she came back from her hike however, she bragged about how she had my dog off leash the ENTIRE time. When I got upset about it because I had told her not to, her dad laughed and said "maybe she only runs away from you!"

    Maybe this isn't a big deal to some.. But these are MY dogs. I love them beyond belief and this is MY call. Just because you don't like my rules, doesn't mean you don't have to follow them. And going behind my back and doing what I have specifically asked you not to is not only extremely disrespectful but a huge slap in the face. That's like me saying "I know you don't believe in dogs indoors but that's a stupid rule so I'm going to bring them inside with me anyway". Come on people!

    I just don't know what to do anymore. I love this man more than anything but I'm starting to truly hate his family.
    (This post was last modified: 04-07-2016, 04:24 PM by Mrr.)
    Maybe when you get into the new house things will get better. For the time being learn to defend yourself from the things they do that annoy you.

    For example, instead of tying your dog up with a rope, buy a padlock and 100 feet of metal cable and lock it to the dog's collar; learn not to let certain people take your dogs for a hike; lock them in their 'house' when you are away. If your boyfriend can build the large doghouse you described, he can also do the things that I am suggesting.
    How much for your dog?

    i know a chinese restaurant who would love to buy it and eat it

    steven hawking
    (04-07-2016, 04:19 PM)Mrr Wrote:  When I got upset about it because I had told her not to, her dad laughed and said "maybe she only runs away from you!"

    can't argue with the facts.

    "Yeah. I understand the mechanics of it, shithead. I just don't understand how this is any less retarded than what I'm suggesting." - Kiley; Housebound.
    Yeah, I don't relate. My dog is perfect so I dont need people to control him, and they dont.

    Maybe you should just put your foot down and try to explain them that its your dogs, your rules, and they will ruin their training or something like that. Just make up some serious bullshit to keep them away from the dogs, say they have rabies or something.


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