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    I had forgotten about Days of Thunder...

    this is for you @Stella 1977 Smile

    ^^^Top Gun
    Also, I agree Tom Cruise is awesome, but nuts now... There are still signs of the old Tom... This is one of my favorite (more recent) Tome Cruise videos

    ^^^ Les Mother F-in GROSSMAN!
    (This post was last modified: 03-29-2019, 06:37 PM by LZA.)
    https://www.rantcentralforums.com/User-LZA The secret to Cruise's continued box office is that he's a big time producer like Jerry Bruckheimer, Michael Bay and Spielberg. His production company produces box office hits that he casts himself in.
    When I was 15 (1992) I paid £16 in a Virgin Megastore for the Point Break soundtrack, just for this song (there were a couple others on there that were ok too, luckily). Imagine trying to explain that to a 15 year old today! Ratt and Point Break . One of the last songs of a great generation .

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    @Stella 1977 I actually never saw Point Break... Not in it's entirety, and I'm not sure why either... Maybe I'll watch it this weekend. If you were 15 in 1992 means I have a few years on you XD 

    I was 15 in 1987, And when I Google movies then, there is a crapload of awesome stuff. I like Patrick Swayze (for probably very different reasons you did, LOL), but the only movie in 87 with him is Dirty Dancing... 

    My favorite 87 movie was the Untouchables (one of my top 5 all time)... Since there are no popular pop type songs, my favorit song is called the Rooftops... I think of the movie every time I hear it.
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    https://www.rantcentralforums.com/User-LZA DIRTY DANCING is in my top ten movies. Swayze is electric and Jennifer is perfect as the innocent, cookie-cutter Jewish girl who stumbles into love and then literally flies into her lover's arms in front of Daddy and the world. A must-see for any generation! I think one of the better Patrick Swayze vehicles. Love this movie have been watching this since I was a kid and still until this day R.I.P Patrick Swayze I hope your up there dancing in heaven with the angels.
    @Stella 1977 Patrick Swayze is an awesome actor... I think one of my favorites with him is one of his first, The Outsiders (also with a Pre Scientology Tom Cruise)

    Couldn't find a actual theme song to it, but here is the one I remember the most:

    Didn't they play this when Pony boy died? or maybe when Matt Dillon's character after he got stabbed? Been so long ago.
    https://www.rantcentralforums.com/User-LZA They played this when Matt Dillon's character Dallas "Dally" Winston dies.
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