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    This will be short and sweet. A rant followed up with a question.


    I am watching The Grand Tour on Amazon Prime. If you haven't watched it I suggest you do. In addition to the great cars they have one of the best music selections to compliment the stories the present of any program.

    I wanted to find out a few songs from the latest episode, so I figured I'd try out Shazam. Well, nothing was matching so I decided to test with my own library, to see if it would guess correctly. I tried 2 songs... The first one 6x and the second one 4; it came up with ZERO correct results!!!! Surprising since Shazam is the most popular.

    I deleted it off my phone and D/Led Soundhound... 1st try it got the song I was playing, so now Ill go back to the episode and try again.

    Do you guys use sound identification apps like this? Was your experience with Shazam as unlucky as mine?  What apps (if you use them) would you recommend?

    Just curious.
    Siri is usually spot on, in my experience.
    I've only had my phone 6 for a good 5-6 months, before that it was an archaic POS... I'm not used to Siri (and like all other women in my life, I have her turned OFF)

    I will try as an experiment... Thanks for the idea!
    I have a 6 too. In my experience, the song recognition service is probably like 9/10 for popular music and 6/10 for rare stuff. But, honestly, you are always gonna have issues with rare music recognition.

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