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  • Help Request Movies that will not play on my Blu-Ray player
    I have found that about 25 percent of the films I download will play just fine in MPC or VLC but my Blu Ray player rejects them saying they are "Corrupt or Illegal Format".

    I have gotten around that by just downloading a few copies of the film and usually if the Blu Ray player finds one is corrupt, some other one will still play fine.

    It's a real mystery because I can't seem to find any common ground for the ones it says are corrupt. Some are .AVI files. Some are .MP4 files and all kinds of other extensions are susceptable to the same problem.

    One workaround I have found is to run the problem files through DVD Flick (which is a very horrible way to go) and it produces some ".MPG" files which are usually 3 times the size of the original file but they play fine on my player.

    Would anyone here know what this problem might be or know of a better solution to transform these problem files into files that my player will play?
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    MP4 and AVI are containers which can hold many different types of video compression formats. An AVI for example can store XViD, Divx and other formats. The extension doesn't necessarily describe the compression method used. It isthe compression method and not the file extension (type) that will determine compatibility with your player.

    To find out which compression a video is using, you will need software than can identify the codecs used for the particular movie your are attempting to play as well as an understanding of which formats are supported by your Blu-Ray player.

    My guess would be that you are downloading movies in h264 and your player supports DivX (but I could have it backwards or be completely wrong as well).

    Wildcard is awesome.
    also... if your blu-ray player is a sony, be aware that certain movies won't play due to copyright protection which is why it might be saying that it is illegal: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cinavia

    furthur reading: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Copy_protection

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    Thank you both very much.

    Yes. My player is a Sony.

    Next time I will try some other brand.

    I am somewhat disappointed in the Sony because many of the operations are very sloppy and the remote control does very little else besides Play, Stop, FF and Rewind. Precious little more than that.

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