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    This thread is the place to state what mood you're in. Share it with the class. You can tell why your in that mood or you dont have to.

    at the moment Im a lil sad. ppl can be so mean sometimes. enough said.


    Bunnies are better
    had some terrific dreams last night,woke up pretty chirpy
    tired and sleepy

    Bunnies are better
    Can’t sleep the house is wrecked, chucked builders out yesterday and surveyors coming today.

    Very pissed off with them. Sad, down mood
    [Image: bad-image.png]G]

    About to start cooking my thanksgiving dinner!!!!

    Smile Yay

    Bunnies are better
    Fucking down, I've got to go to work again in one and a half hour Undecided
    I'm happy. Finishing my Mom's remodel today and getting ready for T-giving tm XD

    Wildcard is awesome.
    Happy but tired :o)
    I was in a very foul mood earlier today. I had been up for about 36 hours and then I tried to make a post about this movie called The Little Foxes and a wonderful character actor named Dan Duryea who appeared in that film.

    All I wanted to do was to share this wonderful movie and this wonderful actor with my friends here. Simple. Right? Wrong! Oh so fucking wrong!!!

    I needed to go to Photo Bucket to save the image of the poster for the movie so that I could include it in my post and when I got there, they gave me a pop-up saying the site had changed and they wanted me to try the new look. Kind of like Google. That really pissed me off. I was in a hurry to just post my photo and carry on. But I had to dick around with their fucking survey and whatever else they wanted before I could do that.

    Then, when I was about half way through writing my post, I got a pop-up message asking if I wanted to save the post I had so far as a draft. I had put so much work into it that I thought that would be a real good idea. So I answered "YES" and my post promptly disappeared and I couldn't find it anywhere.

    My mind just snapped. I could have grabbed a high powered rifle and climbed a watch tower (reference to the USA's first mass killer who climbed up a watch tower at a university in Texas and shot and killed a whole bunch of people around 1965).

    I have calmed down since then after taking a good long sleep. But man, oh man! I can sure understand those stories you read in the papers and see on TV news about how someone grabbed a high powered rifle and goes out and kills a whole bunch of people.

    I don't condone it. But I sure can understand it.
    (This post was last modified: 11-22-2012, 09:40 PM by AliShibaz.)
    Im feeling full from awesome food

    loved from awesome family

    and happy from all the fun today Smile

    Bunnies are better

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