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    [Image: 1921.png]

    Post videos, discuss, quote the movies, etc.

    As long as it pertains to Monty Python loosely it is fine to discuss or share here.

    This is one of my favorite python sketches....tsh tsh

    I don't sugarcoat anything.....do i look like willy fucking wonka to you
    You can download all of Monty Python from here: -->
    The entire TV series and all the movies are available.

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    Never underestimate the power of human stupidity.
    - Robert A. Heinlein
    Mr Gumby is one of my favourite characters. Here he is arranging flowers:

    Monty Python - Dead Parrot LMAO

    IMO, The Cheese Shop was hilarious. I had never seen that before and I laughed real hard.
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    Connie Booth was a very sexy lady. Was she preggers in that clip? I thought she only got preggers after she married John Cleese. Anyway, I loved her on Fawlty Towers.

    Such a shame they made so few episodes. It get's tiresome watching them cuz there are so few.

    But given the high quality of the writing on those shows, I can understand why they made so few. It prob would have killed them to have made many more.

    Such a shame.
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    For anyone interested, here's the entire script for 'Monty Python and the Holy Grail.'

    And now, 'The Lumberjack Song.'

    I own a pair of clacking coconuts, like these ones...

    [Image: Og8uic0.jpg]

    Big Grin

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