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  • Misogynist
    Two red eyes are stuck to the black
    of my childhood, in the foreground of the frame,
    my stereo and dirty books hovering behind.
    Since nineteen I've been tunelling back
    through the months, then years towards
    her body like a lone island.

    When we met on the patio
    your bracelets caught the sun. Fugitive beams
    bathed in your glass, propped against the dying ice.
    And I had tunnelled all day long
    to reach you there mother,
    hiding yourself in this prettier form.

    All women share the same spirit, like the strain of some disease
    ploughing through the rat kingdom.
    So her, the bitch, creator and scum,
    who bore me like a dead tumour,
    flows among your bones.

    Your punishment is still a germ, evolving all the time.
    Regardless what you say, my dear, you're her, you're her, you're her.

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