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  • Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory test
    I have taken both of those tests many times, but I don't remember my scores. Perhaps I will take them again, so I can share my scores.

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    Alright... I think I'm going in. I'll take the long test since I'd like to know. will post screenshots of results. Any and all opinions are welcome... Maybe I'll figure myself out...
    I would only like to add that I have taken a few of these types of tests, and that I have been successful at misleading them every time. Not the particular one Vf posted, so that may be more difficult, but nonetheless, it shows that this type of assessment of a person is not necessarily the truth. A person may also be lying to themselves, and answer consistently and 'truthfully' with every question, and the test may give an inaccurate result. So they are not foolproof by any means. But generally, they can provide a good indication of the status of a person's 'mental health', stability, and attitude.

    On a somewhat sidenote, I once went to (court ordered) 'therapy' sessions for a brief time, before the therapist said to me, and I quote, 'I have been doing this for many years, but I can't figure you out' and told me I didn't need to go anymore, so maybe it is just me.

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    display the right to have no life, to have respect they must accept
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    Ya... I thought that as I was taking the test. ( about the lying to yourself, or thinking something is true when it's not). It's VERY comprehensive... I'm still doing the tallies. I'm marking down anything under 35 or over 65. I figure that's fair. I'm all over the fucking scale... I'm very impressed with the test though, because it's got me dead to rights on some things... More to come...
    (08-19-2013, 09:23 PM)SkinnyP Wrote:  I would only like to add that I have taken a few of these types of tests, and that I have been successful at misleading them every time.

    Providing misleading answers on psychological tests is usually pointless.
    If the test is administered as an attempt at helping you, then it is yourself that you are fooling.
    And if the test is administered as part of a screening process for employment, then any organization that is serious about their testing is likely to use the MMPI test.
    It is not advisable to lie on that one. The test has been designed to expose people who lie.
    The first two indicators shown on the MMPI score sheet are the VRIN (Variable Response Inconsistency) and the TRIN (True Response Inconsistency).
    The test also has an L (Lie) indicator which counts the number of lies.
    If your normalized T Scores are above 50 on either of those indicators, you will show up as more dishonest than most folks.
    The likely result is that the employer will hire one of the other candidates instead of you.

    These are useful to read:
    Everything you ever wanted to know about the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory...
    Beat the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI-2) Test
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    Never underestimate the power of human stupidity.
    - Robert A. Heinlein
    OK bitches, This is the LZA as you've come to know and love him. I cringed at parts of the test but I have to say it's pretty accurate. Just to give a quick thought... It shows me as fucked up as I know I was. Depressed, (suicidal Ideations was over 100 - which we all knew).

    I was impressed greatly with the test and suggest you take it if you would like insight to yourself.

    ***this is a numbers test, and as fucked up as it shows me, I can only be proud of the accomplishments I've made in my former career and learning about what I know in general, in spite of these markings, which I've had to deal with my whole life.*** I hope you find it as interesting as I did. Self-learning has always been interesting to me.

    For those who want to make fun? I'm cool with it. I am who I am & like I said, all the good things I have in spite of this, makes me actually not so depressed... Since Iā€™m comfortable, your taunts will be ignored... Thanks to VF for posting.

    T scores over 60 or under 40

    VRIN: Variable response Inconsistency: 57
    TRIN: True response Inconsistency: 57T
    F: Infrequency: 95
    Fb: Backslide F: 104
    Fp: Infrequency Psychopathology: 77
    D: Depression: 72
    Pa: Paranoia: 79
    Mf: Masculinity ā€“ Femininity ā€“ Female: Undefined
    *Pt: Psychathenia: 91
    Sc: Schizophrenia: 87
    Si: Social Introversion: 70
    D1: Subjective depression: 69
    D2: Psychomotor retardation: 70
    D3: Physical Malfunctioning: 67
    D4 Mental dullness: 77
    D5 Brooding: 79
    Hy-S: Hysteria, Subtle: 34
    Hy1: Denial of social anxiety: 34
    Hy3: Lassitude- Malaise: 66
    Hy5: Inhibition of Aggression: 40
    Pd3: Social Imperturbability: 35
    Pd4: Social Alienation: 78
    Pd5: Self Alienation: 77
    Pa1: Persecutory Ideas: 76
    Pa2: Poignancy: 76
    Sc1: Social Alienation: 84
    Sc2: Emotional Alienation: 98
    Sc3: Lack of Ego Mastery, Cognative: 78
    Sc4: Lack of ego mastery, Conative: 82
    Sc5: Lack of ego mastery, Defective Inhibition: 68
    Sc6: Bizarre Sensory Experiences: 80
    Ma4: Ego Inflation: 63
    Si1: Shyness/Self consciousness: 68
    Si2: Social Avoidance: 62
    Si3: Self Alienation: 68
    ANX: Anxiety: 70
    DEP: Depression: 88
    OBS: Obsessiveness: 63
    HEA: Health Concerns: 62
    BIZ: Bizarre mentation: 74
    CYN: Cynicism: 71
    ASP: Antisocial Practices: 79
    LSE: low self esteem: 80
    SOD: Social Discomfort: 68
    WRK: Work interference: 65
    TRT: Negative treatment Indicators: 71
    A: Anxiety: 80
    Es : Ego strength: Undefined
    AAS Addiction acknowledgement: 75
    MDS: Marital Distress: 74
    Ho: Hostility: 67
    Do: Dominance: Undefined
    Re: Social Responsibility: Undefined
    Mt: Collage maladjustment: 71
    GM: Masculine Gender Role: 30
    GF: Feminine Gender role: 30
    PK: Post traumatic Stress disorder: 83
    PS: Post traumatic Stress disorder: 78
    D-O: Depression, Obvious: 74
    Hy-s: Hysteria, subtle: 34
    Pd: Psycopathic Deviate: 64
    *Pd-O: Psychopathic Deviate, Obvious: 74
    Pa-O: Paranoia, Obvious: 89
    Ma-O: Hypomania, Obvious: 67
    Dem: Demoralization: 75
    Som: Somatic Complaints: 63
    Lpe: Low Positive emotions: 79
    Cyn: Cynicism: 64
    Asb: Antisocial behavior: 77
    Per: Ideas of persecution: 70
    Dne: Dysfunctional Negative Emotions: 70
    *abx: Aberrant Experiences: 70
    Hpm: Hypomanic Activation: 67
    PSYC: Psychoticism: 68
    DISC: Disconstraint : 71
    NEGE: Negative Emotionality / Neurotism: 68
    INTR: Introversion / Low Positive Emotionality: 73
    *DEP1: Lack of Drive: 89
    DEP2: Dysphoria: 74
    DEP4: Suicidal Ideation: 112
    HEA2: Neurological Symptoms: 67
    BIZ2: Schizotypal Characteristics: 86
    CYN: Interpersonal Suspiciousness: 71
    ASP1: Antisocial Attitudes: 69
    ASP2: Antisocial Behavior: 67
    TPA2: Competitive Drive: 66
    LSE1: Self Doubt: 80
    LSE2: Submissiveness: 69
    SOD1: Introversion: 68
    TRT1: Low Motivation: 66
    TRT2: Inability to disclose: 60

    Once the discussion is opened, I'll ask my questions...
    Your posted scores indicate that you have quite a number of serious personality issues.
    They go far beyond what we can effectively deal with in a forum such as this.
    You will need professional help with your various issues.
    I recommend you contact a mental health professional, and show them your scores.

    This web page provides insight into assessing some of your scores: --> http://www.beat-the-mmpi.com/mmpiscales.htm
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    Never underestimate the power of human stupidity.
    - Robert A. Heinlein
    Oh I know, I don't come to this forum to get help, I come here to goof around. I'm under the care of a health care professional (psychiatrist) Who knows all about my depression, etc. I think I will show him the scores though.

    So really, nothing new eh?

    One of the questions I had, is some of the questions I answered true or false because, at the time I was high or intoxicated on something... Should I have not done that, since it's not the way I usually am? Now I'm thinking, it could have boosted some of the numbers in cases...
    (This post was last modified: 08-20-2013, 01:24 AM by LZA.)
    The more I think of it...I want to retake the test and answer all questions in the circumstance that I was 100% sober... Some of it just doesn't make sence to me... I know I'm not Schizophrenic... I know i'm fucked up, but not this bad... Hearing voices & seeing thins did occur, when I was tripping on DXM, which is like acid... So I answered yes... I'm not trying to get away with acknowledging what characteristics I have, but I want to be fair to myself, and the test... Will do later on since I have to clean the old lady's car today... Here's to hoping I don't kill or eat anyone on the way, huh? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

    I know I may be making a big deal about this, but only because I find the human mind and how it works so interesting. Again, kudos to VF for supplying the info.
    (This post was last modified: 08-20-2013, 09:48 AM by LZA.)
    Being under the influence of certain drugs and/or alcohol can alter your personality; so it is advisable to answer the questions on personality tests as if you were 100% sober. Of course you saw things when you were tripping, that's one of the effects of the drug. The point of the test is to try to get a sense of your personality while not under the influence of anything.

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