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  • Microsoft condom
    Bill Gates is offering $100,000 grants and possibly up to $1,000,000 for anyone who can design a 'next generation' condom.

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    As Jay Leno said, is any guy going to buy a condom with the words 'micro' and 'soft' on it?
    What exactly is he expecting? And what kind of improvements does he expect? Condom's are generally considered to be 99.9% effective . . . squeezing that extra 0.1% hardly counts as next generation Dodgy

    Perhaps Bill would like someone to come up with a condom that doesn't require that you find someone to stick your penis in . . . too late Gates-- its called the Fleshlight Yay
    If the condoms are anything like their operating systems, it'll need security patches, it'll try and sell you stuff you don't want, and it'll creepily try to befriend you. The Gates Foundation should use their money to bring clean, safe drinking water to the world's poor, instead of fixing something that isn't broken. Dodgy
    Maybe the next generation condom could change colour when it comes in contact with a STD. Then you would know what a lucky escape you just had

    Blue for Chlamydia
    Purple for HIV etc.

    That kind of thing?
    Maybe it would automatically post on Facebook whether you received and STD or not?

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    (03-25-2013, 11:05 PM)Wildcard Wrote:  What exactly is he expecting? And what kind of improvements does he expect?

    Well, the article says, "Examples of such work would include ... new condom shapes or designs that can improve the user experience, or using knowledge from other fields for new improvement ideas."

    Gates said that he's determined a trapezoidal shape would be optimum for sexual pleasure and although it's true that men would have to undergo an expensive and painful operation to reshape their penises, Gates says it would definitely be worth it because the heightened pleasure would overcome the pain of the operation.

    Wow! He's finally gone off the deep end.
    I was going to suggest spray-on condoms but then started thinking of all the things and people you could spray it on and have fun with. Next!
    That's typical Microsoft for you. Instead of conforming to the shape that the end-users want, he tries to force them into a new shape; like a round peg into a square hole. I suppose he'll have to invent a device to alter the shape of a woman's vagina to make it compatible with the trapezoidal penises.

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    how about putting some chips into it that make it hard as soon as the thing inside goes soft?
    People relax! SJ is just asking for a 'friend' Wink

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