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    If you haven't heard about Cardi B's new scandal, I am not really surprised. When women celebrities do scandalous shit, they rarely ever lose their careers over it, like men do.

    Hip Hop Ratchet On Twitter
    "CardiB says she used to what? 👀 https://t.co/NJWigTlb9Z"

    In this video that recently resurfaced on Twitter, you can hear Cardi tell about how she used to strip, lure men to a hotel under the guise of hooking, drug them, and then rob them. Angry She says it without an ounce of shame, and even seems very proud of what she had to do, or "put in work," as she calls it Rolleyes

    [Image: 5987.png]

    Louis CK lost his career for something that was in no way a good thing, but it would be hard to argue that it was on par with drugging people and robbing them.

    When women do these things, they don't get their entire life's work taken away from them. Just Google "Female Celebrity Scandals", and it will quickly become apparent that the public only shows negative interest to women when they cheat or fail on the big stage.

    Cardi B should see hella backlash on this one...but she won't. It is "cool" when she says things like this, but if it came out that Chris Pratt admitted on video that he used to drug women and rob them, his life would be over. And also, people would probably assume that he raped them as well, because, you know, men are all pieces of shit.

    Me too is a good thing, but not if it is always going to be one-sided.
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    I couldn't agree more. The only problem I see is in reality, I wonder if people take Cardi B seriously? I sure as fuck don't. The way the news media is and with people doing weird crap to get attention I wonder if this is a fake news story to get her some street cred...

    Although she seems one of the dumb ones to actually have done something like that and brag about it.

    But yes, victims are victims, woman, men, gay, straight, whatever... The problem with everything as twisted as it is, it's automatically assumed that males are the aggressors....

    If she really did this then she needs to lose everything. As far as Louie CK... What he did isn't as bad because he never drugged anyone and he asked for permission...
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    Just found this:

    Quote:I was in New York about five years ago training and my trainer suggested we go to a strip club. Normally, I would’ve turned him down but this time I decided to go. So, boom, we go to the strip club and I meet Cardi, I’m feeling her and convinced her to come back to the room with me to have a drink. I’d been drinking already so I had to piss, I slid to the bathroom and came back and finished off my drink. Last thing I remembered was she was twerking on me, music blasting and that was it. The next morning, I saw a used condom on the floor and then I noticed all the cash I had which was about $850, my Louis Vuitton belt and my iPod touch was missing. I tried calling her several times but i soon realized she gave me a google voice number. I know she did it but I couldn’t prove it so I never went to file charges mainly because I did not want my fiancée at the time to know what had happened so I took my ‘L’. I can’t lie, it was certainly traumatizing and as a man, you never want to admit you were taken advantage of. No man wants to say #MeToo
    Link to an image of the post.

    So, she is a rapist too. Undecided
    I just can't believe everything I hear 100%...Even though I hate her music, since i'm trying to be neutral until all the facts come in, I can't just condemn her... Ya she admitted she's a thief, who knows if the sex was actually consensual, but then she drugged and robbed him. If I was her attorney first question I'd ask was why did he invite a stripper back to the room...he admitted he was drinking, so he can't say for sure he got so drunk that he gave her that shit... She's admitted she'd robbed, but the truth and what can be proven are 2 different things... But that's different

    OJ got off too (and now Jussie Smollett). I'n my worthless opinion I can certainly believe she is capable and probably did it...Too bad more people can't come forward... This is Weinstein type evil.

    This is why shit will ALWAYS be fucked up Sad
    Okay, now a female celebrity is coming under fire for sexual misconduct. I don't want to seem like the news makes me happy, but I am very curious to see how this plays. and if sides are taken in the same way that male sexual misconduct has been treated.

    'teenage Dream' Co-Star Accuses Katy
    Perry Of Sexual Misconduct
    I know this is a serious thread... And I agree that equal rules should apply to both women and men. No question.

    But on a personal note if she did that to me I'd probably ask her to marry me... If she looked like Rosie O'Donnel, I'd be pissed, but still oddly flattered...If it was George Michael doing that I'd bring him up on CHARGES.

    Maybe I think i'm more forgiving or open minded, but the reality is I'm thinking like an asshole... Anyone in power should be held to the same accountability... but again...If it was me........
    (08-13-2019, 04:23 PM)LZA Wrote:  but again...If it was me........

    I'm not attempting to chastise you in any way, but that is the real reason that sexual misconduct against men has been ignored for so long. Even men don't take it seriously when another guy says that a woman pulled out his dick because they can't imagine that being too bad of a thing, no matter which woman was doing it.

    I've actually had stuff like that happen to me, and to some of my friends, and it isn't any fun at all. You wind up questioning yourself as to whether you "let" it happen...whether you "enjoyed" it. Luckily, I have piss-poor memory and have smoked enough weed in my life to drown choke out all of the sorrows in my home town.

    Having said all that, she may not even be guilty. This dude may just be going for the kill because she has the appeal of the copyright infringement lawsuit that recently received a ruling against her and the other named defendants. Who knows? I'm just saying, it ain't cool to do stuff like that w/o permission, that's all.
    Well, ya... I'm going to assume that the facts are true for purposes of the conversation but really the first thing I do when I hear anything I question if it's real or not.

    But personal space is subjective. Something offensive to you may not be to me and vice versa.

    I can certainly relate to feeling like I didn't advocate for myself to women or men on situations other than sexual. It's almost like your questioning yourself gave me a feeling of self worthlessness and self-hate. So I completely understand the thought process. My issues are more esteem based, so as fucked up as it sounds (as fucked up as I am), when it's happened to me I thought nothing of it. as long as I thought I was being accepted, I let it go... But because I overthink everything I'd sometimes wonder if people did that because they didn't respect me as a person. Again, to me, I blew it off, but when guys would hit on girls I was going out with (or was even just friends with but they didn't know if we were in a relationship), I'd be SUPER pissed that they just disregarded that I was there. But only going off my personal experiences, when it's happened to me I never let it bother me.

    The million-dollar question would be- If that ever does happen, or if it ever did bother me, would I speak up? I have to answer probably not.

    And unfortunately for me, all the drugs I took, I still have a massive memory that allows me to relive all the shit that's happened...

    But again, that's why I said if it was me... I won't assume everyone is as psychotic as I am...
    This editorial is sort of old, but this guy, David Harsanyi, does a great job explaining my exact point of view about the whole #MeToo thing.

    I think that it is great, but I also think that it should be fair and tempered with wisdom — not lightning judgement from the Hollywood bandwagon crowd.

    Why You Should Care What Norm...
    "Who Cares What Norm Macdonald Thinks?" asked Esquire magazine the...
    I take issue when women demand to be treated like men (as they should) but when they are it's called mansplaining or other nonsense.  The VP debates was a perfect example the next day the pundits declared that Pence was mansplaining when he replied back and how he interrupted her in spite of the fact that she did the same thing. If he had been debating a man and did the exact same debate nothing would have been said about him except the fly on his head.  How unfortunate that was the talking point take-away from the debate when the real focus should have been the differences in their platforms.  That really frosts my flakes!  (rant over).[Image: quoKPeN.jpg]
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