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    Coming SOON! Looks pretty cool.

    I'll also include this as it has more details:

    At first I thought "how can they make another that's not a reboot or prequel?"

    But this resurrection theme sounds pretty cool.
    I am definitely interested in this. It may be a flop, but I have hopes for it, anyway.

    On another note, I only made it about twenty seconds into that second clip before that annoying lady's voice drove me away Tongue
    YA I figured as much... That's the 1st thing I noticed too.

    This movie has the potential to be either really good or really bad. I don;t think it'll be just "eh"... It's either going to suck or be awesome
    That's what I said about Game of Thrones, @LZA. Except that it turned out to be a little of both Tongue

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