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  • March/The Month of Death
    MARCH SUCKS!!!!! As well as death.

    March 21st my grandma died.

    March 22nd my cousin died.

    March 23rd my great uncle died.

    all this past week. all in different ways and all lived in different states.

    hopefully by the end of next week i still have family members alive!!!

    SUCK IT MARCH!!!! Angry

    Bunnies are better
    Sorry to hear about your loved ones Bunny. They say things like that come in threes, but sheesh, 3 days on the trot? That sucks. Roll on April. Smile
    My grandma passing was hard. but the other ones i wasn't close to. still as selfish and anal as this may sound Im so tired of the crying and depressed people!!!! Im ready to shoot my Damn self!!! Yes i know this sounds heartless but its just too much in one week. Nay

    Bunnies are better
    I really hate to hear about all the pain you're going through. People talk about the healing power of time, and it's true-- but that knowledge never put anyone's mind at rest when it is fresh on their mind . . . or a certain day reminds you.

    Keep ya head up girl Wink
    HugHugHug Bunny Heart
    I hate March as well Bunny my Dad passed 11th March 2011

    Fuck March Sad
    My grandmothers funeral was today. it was a beautiful service and so many people came and showed us so much love and respect. i was honored to sing a song for my grandma in her memory.

    that being said..... Im glad its over. and Im doing great guys. just couldn't believe how close together all these deaths were. thankfully i went to my uncles visitation tonight so Im skipping that funeral.

    Thank you all for your concern. Smile

    Bunnies are better
    all the best,Bunny
    Yes same from me Sad


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