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    To preface, I love men and think you're  great, but a coworker phrased a question to me this morning regarding my lack of help as "do you have a manpower problem?" and my knee jerk response was "yes, a man is in power".  In this small ecosystem I work in, we're mostly women, and the greatest headaches come from the only three male coworkers.  It's a combination of mutual bad personnel management skills and territorial pissing contests. There's a new guy, Hess great, he says I can spend all the monies!  So, yeah, I have multiple problems with the dudes in charge  

    Phone wants to die so I can't even rant properly!  Back later. It's not a guy thing, promises. My workplace is just cursed with the worst.
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    Sounds like you need a new job!
    I wish that was so easy to get!

    So I've said to bossman that I need him to get x done by this Monday, and we're three days past and he tells me he's taking a personal day and may not get it done until Friday! I never ask anything of him and this is time sensitive and and he adds new priorities to his schedule that make no sense to our organization and fuck me over. I've discussed this with him at least three times. More. I offered to do the work myself yesterday, today. It's planting. I can plant. But apparently his style is so vastly different from mine, and my feeble brain can't grasp his methods. He's so swamped with his other ridiculous projects that are unseasonable to explain how he'd like it done. He seriously can't focus on more than one thing at a time. Or doesn't want to. And after my repeated asks to get this work done so that I can do mine, he takes a personal day in the middle of the work week.
    an idiot, not a man

    steven hawking

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