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  • Man puts baby in freezer...
    ...and gets himself added to the "must destroy immediately" list.

    A Washington state man accused of putting his infant daughter inside a freezer long enough for her body temperature to drop to 84 degrees was charged Tuesday with first-degree child assault, first-degree criminal mistreatment and interfering with the reporting of a domestic violence incident.

    The mother tried to call 911, but Deutsch wouldn't allow it because he didn't want to get in trouble the prosecutor's office said. She then left the trailer and alerted the neighbors, who called for help.

    This leads me to believe that he was evil, not just sick, and therefore, added to the destroy list...
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    "Tyler James Deutsch, 25, and the baby's mother live together in a trailer in the city of Roy."

    There is a good reason why some folks are referred to as "trailer trash". Confused

    Never underestimate the power of human stupidity.
    - Robert A. Heinlein
    Anyone who puts a 6 week-old baby inside a freezer to stifle it's cries, is obviously not right in the head. The fact that the baby had a head injury, and broken limbs as well tells me Deutsch has no morals or common sense whatsover. Crying is a normal part of baby development, and as long as a baby is healthy and unhurt, it's fine to leave them crying for a while. Some people aren't fit to look after a houseplant or pet, let alone a baby.

    Sentencing is due on July 15th, and the prosecutor has asked for maximum sentencing without any plea agreements.
    SICK minded and sick hearted to do such a thing to an innocent baby. Angry Angry: Angry

    You Give To The World When You Give Your Best To Somebody Else Hug
    I've told this story on another thread, but my dad had an engineer friend who, while fixing a machine at a mental hospital, met a pretty young woman who turned out to be there because when she was babysitting someone's kids she locked them in a freezer, killing them, because they wouldn't stop crying. She left when the parents came home and then received a call from them asking where the kids were. She immediately told them the truth.

    You can't account for madness or evil. This is a cliche, I know, but it is what it is. If he's mad, Deutsch needs locking away until he's well enough to rejoin society. If he's evil, he just needs locking away. Of course, he might not be either; he could just be very very stupid, in which case he still needs to be locked away.
    Too bad we can't borrow some justice from Game of Thrones for our most depraved nutbars.

    How appropriate it would be to put this guy into a freezer until his temperature drops to the point where life or death will be borderline. In other words, it would be a 50-50 chance whether he lives or dies.
    Why take him back out then?
    Just leave him in there until he is a corpsicle.

    Never underestimate the power of human stupidity.
    - Robert A. Heinlein
    Mmmm... corpsicles. If you lick far enough they dispense kool-aid. By the way, is it just me or does Deutsch look the kind of man whose tattoo-to-unmarked-skin ratio is higher than his IQ?
    In the following post, it may seem to you that I do not want this guy to be punished or go to jail. That is absolutely untrue. He deserves to go to jail and be punished for what he did. In the following post, I want to make a general case - not about this guy specifically.

    But, can anyone please tell me why it is that so many people wind up in jail as a result of stuff that comes out of their own stupid mouths? I just cringe at the thought of anyone here ever spending time in jail because of stuff they tell the police or prosecutors voluntarily. If you are ever questioned or arrested, please remember there are only three things that you ever need to tell the police.

    1) your name -- 2) your address -- 3) your birth date

    In this case, the following excerpt really grabbed my attention: "The prosecutor’s office said Deutsch told detectives he was tired and the baby was crying, so he put her in the freezer and closed the door, according to KING5."

    What are the odds that he would have been charged or wound up in jail had he just never said that? I'm guessing that in most cases, people will spend much less time in jail if they just keep their mouths shut until they speak with a lawyer (and that means a good lawyer and not a public defender).

    I just can't understand why this happens so often. Why don't people ever seem to learn to keep their mouths shut until they talk with a lawyer? If they just declined to talk to the police until their lawyer is present, wouldn't they wind up doing much less jail time?

    In this case, all that Deutsch had to say was, "I need to have my lawyer present during questioning and so I cannot talk with you at all until my lawyer is present."

    One other item that really puzzles me is when the police read the Miranda rights to people and then ask them if they understand those rights, why does everyone reply, "Yes I understand" when it is so easy to reply, "No I don't understand."

    And if you tell the police that you don't understand, what do you think will happen? Do you think they will give you a beating? I don't think so. They will probably get flustered and ask you, "What parts don't you understand?" In that case you can always say, "I don't understand the legal parts". If they aren't lawyers, they are not gonna be able to explain that to you.

    Anytime you are ever arrested or questioned by the police, things will go so much better if you are polite but never tell them anything or answer any of their questions. Before you answer any of their questions, you need to have a lawyer present to advise you. So simple, and yet, that will save you untold suffering and money too.

    Just be polite and remember that all you have to tell them is your name, address and birth date. It never, ever, ever goes better for you if you tell them anything else. It always, always, goes worse for you if you do.

    Please understand that I have no sympathy for this guy and do not want to see him get off for what he did. But there is just never any reason to spend time in jail unnecessarily. There is never any need for you to send yourself to jail as a result of stuff that you tell the police willingly and voluntarily.


    There are some exceptions. For example, if they arrest you and your stove has been left on and you think it might start a fire, you need to tell them that to prevent that fire from starting.
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    I'm sorry the woman didn't realize what a nutcase this man is before she mothered his child.

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