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    In the Hell do not they put the basic teams in the game .You can get your classic players from their team they played if you want them on another team these extra modes makes no sense and they don't even put the classic teams from the sport makes no sense. What MLB The Show 19 fan do not want to play a classic group vs today's teams .Unlocking Reggie Jackson Yankees or Nolan Rayan Astros Jim Palmer Orioles Pete Rose Reds or Phillies Ricky Henderson And Dennis Eckersley A's is no good with no teammates that helped create them legends. It is the entire team not just some legend gamers .That is exactly what they need to include .All Legendary And Championship teams do not half step go all of the way in which they are getting all the way cash for the sport provide the MLB The Show 19 fans a all the top to base MLB The Show 19 match!!!?

    Im gonna be honest here. Nearly all these improvements are unworthy. Its the game that is SAME as last year. I don't need a player flat I am really....Make the match different!!!! Better match play takes so long to throw the ball line drives go right through out your fielders if you strike the ball moves magically through your bat its own terrible. .When you play with online everyone runs around the foundations you cant get off a throw enough!!!!!!!!!!! Fix the game change the game before adding all of this useless stuff I just seen .Really so many developments are needed before all of the other stuff. . I needed to vent this has gone thus far for YEARS!!!?

    Hopefully within this years version of MLB that the Showy'all took some time to include stadiums to the mix. And it's about timey'Pudge was additional by all into the mixture! He has been a Hall of Famer because 2017. I really don't know whyy'all waited till this year to get it done. Wouldy'all consider adding Juan Gonzales mix??

    I don't enjoy the sound of the pitch speed thing. We are in need of time to research the pitch. I don't enjoy the throwing thing , it sounds like that is bad, remember it's a video game so when I get everything ideal I should be rewarded, however if this effects worst pitcher's more then it's kinda okay cause we will mostly use good pitcher anyhow. But I don't beg na find perfect timings where I want it, along with the ball not be.
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