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    So do any of you have anything that is your "lucky charm" or that brings you good luck? You know like a rabbits foot, or a 4 leaf clover, a lucky shirt or socks? A ring or some kind of jewelry? A lucky number or color??

    Or what is something you do that you think helps with your luck?? Or do you even believe in luck.

    i personally don't necessarily think i have some certain amount of good or bad luck. but i do believe what you do or don't do for others will come back on you.

    i do have a number that's shown up in my life a lot that i call my lucky number. and i do favor green as my lucky color. and not bc of money. how about you??

    Bunnies are better
    I am not really superstitious but there is a certain breakfast cereal that gives me the luck of the Irish Tongue (dafuq is the luck of the Irish? I think I'd rather have the semen of the Polish Dodgy )

    I do wear a necklace given to me by a good friend a few months before he died. We were all at the river and he took it off to swim (because the latch was fucked up) and I stole it Big Grin He was a huge guy who could've crushed me but I was faster and in the end, out of breath and laughing he gave it to me. I tried to give it back but he said, 'Fuck it, it is broken anyway.'

    Soon after he was killed in a motorcycle accident and I have worn his necklace every day since. I only take it off to get it cleaned.

    I call it my 'good luck piece' but it is mostly just a sentimental thing.
    They say athletes are really superstitious... Like Wade Boggs and his chicken, or Nomar Garciaparra with the ritual he used to have to with his glove before batting. It's something that makes the person feel more comfortable because whatever they do or have, brings the odds in their favor. I don't know if it's luck or if the persons preparation to whatever it is they are doing. Like the lucky rabbit's foot reminds them to think a certain way so in effect, they are making their own luck... er, ah, I dunno. I'm probably not making much sense anyway. F-it, & F-YOU!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH
    I don't have a lucky charm nor do I necessarily believe in luck, but I do seem to be very lucky sometimes.

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    What's gross are those football players that wear the same jockstrap without washing it bc they think it's good luck to just keep wearing it. yeah ok sweaty ball sack germs and funk will help you win the super bowl. :insert vomiting smiley:

    Bunnies are better
    wasn't for bad luck, I'd have no luck at all.

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