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  • Loud mouth bitch
    Theres this girl called Stella <snip>. She accused me of hating her because I wouldn't let her copy my test. She actually went to our year advisor and made up a bunch of lies saying that I hate her and I say things about her over the internet (not me, we were best friends, until I went overseas for a month, where I was unable to connect with internet and therefore social media).
    Theres this girl called Georgina <snip>. I have never been in her class until last year, and I didn't even know she hates me. She has no friends, because she backstabs everyone who invites her into their group. A group I know let her join them and hang out and stuff, and a day later, she would say to people 'ugh they're so annoying and immature'. She thinks cheating is okay, in a relationship, she drove her boyfriend (now ex) to a point of wanting to suicide. They broke up when she cheated on him.

    Anyway, as I got back from overseas, Georgina and Stella were very close. And I was like okay sure we can be friends. This was how I met Georgina. She's very 'sexually open'. I can't call her a slut in fear of some feminist calling me out for it, but hey, telling your 'best friend's' crush that he is cute, sending hearts, dirty talking and saying things like 'I use two fingers to master****' is not cool.

    So a few days go by, and since my group hangs out with these guys, strictly friends and study buddies, georgina messages me and says 'can you intro me to some guys, I need to destress'

    Honestly, what kind of person uses a guy to 'destress' go to a counsellor.
    So I messaged her back saying 'dude, thats just using someone, not cool. Plus, if youre that stressed, why would you be comfortable or why would my guy friend be comfortable listening to your problems when you just met? Do you want to talk about it?'

    So she says 'ugh whatever fine, bitch'

    so okay, she's angry at me, and she's now best friends with stella, whose very sensitive.
    So she tells stella that I'm the one sending online hate through her forum, since its anonymous forum, when I didn't and stella didn't even bother to verify with me, and straight away went to the teacher and wanted to get the police involved.
    Like calm the fuck down girlfriend. This is coming from a person who is angry at me. What do you think?

    So then a few days later, Georgina comes up to me, batting her eyelashes and stuff, and asks to log into Facebook on my phone (because I have some internet) cuz she used all hers up. I felt really uncomfortable, but I didnt want to deal with any drama, so I was like okay. So she logged in and showed me these messages her 'boyfriend' sent to her about how much he loves her and stuff and she acts like she's tired of it and she's like 'ugh these guys won't stop bothering me, its hard being pretty'
    So I said 'okay' to everything she says, and she tries to log out, and google chrome app crashes. So she said 'whatever' and handed me back my phone.
    When I get home, I was going to check my own messages, but didnt have any, and so I went on my newsfeed. I was scrolling through newsfeed when a message from Stella comes. I was like huh? cuz stella didnt message me anymore, except when she wants notes or something from me. So I clicked on it, and she sent a whole wall of ranting and hate, and so I was like, why is she saying shit about me and my friend boyang jiang, to me? So I checked the account, and it was Georgina's! I know I should have logged out right away, but I took a screenshot of what stella was saying, and then I logged out of my account, and sent that screenshot to boyang. Boyang was upset too, because there was stuff about how ugly we both were and how boyang is so annoying and stuff, and I asked her not to tell anyone, especially stella. I only told her because I wanted her to know, like hey, stella isn't your real friend, maybe stay away from her.
    Boyang said okay I won't tell her
    however, she went to stella right in front of me, the next day, and confronted her. Stella started crying and I just walked out of the room. (lunchtime)
    I confronted boyang later and asked her why she had to tell stella, she acted like she didnt and she quickly tried to changed the topic.
    I just about had enough with this weird ass high school drama. I didn't come here to deal with this. So I just left it.
    In the end it turned out to be my fault some how??? So yeah
    Just getting this off my chest.

    Thanks for listening

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