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  • Help Request Loading pics to RC from cell
    can somebody tell me how to load a pic from my cellphone to RC? I can't figure it out. thanks. -dumb bunny lol.

    Bunnies are better
    Bunny, it really depends a lot on what type of phone you use. Droids and iPhones can use downloadable apps to upload pics from the phone to Photobucket and other image services. Once the image is uploaded you will be provided with code to paste into the forum post.

    If your phone doesn't have apps, simply visiting an image upload service from you device will tell you a lot. If there is a mechanism available for your mobile, Photobucket will determine whether your device can upload from its memory (some cannot.)

    In the even that your phone will not upload to a image host you will need to sync the pics from your phone to a PC and then post them as you normally would.

    If you get stuck, post relevant info about your phone and maybe someone can tell you the best specific method for your device.

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