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  • Living with BF's Family...
    ok.. I don't know where to even begin. I am really having a hard time.  I have been with my BF for four years and I have started to live with him and his family. I did it because I did not have a good home life so his family took me in. Ok, I have very thankful for that because they did not have to. I am having trouble more so with his two brother ( ages 22, 16) that literally do nothing. I am suppose to be their maid or something. It really pisses me off because they are fully capable of cleaning up after themselves.Also, the oldest one is very rude to me. He has made comments about my weight and appearance. Like whatever I do, he has something to say about it. His parents are aware of the situation but nothing has been done. Which I know that there can't be much done because he is 22 yrs old. Its hard and I have no where else to go. I feel like this is really affecting our relationship and he does not understand because it is his family. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks for reading my rant lol.
    I guess the best advice would be for you and your BF to try and get a place together?

    Do you pay rent there? If not, bank your $$ and try to get out ASAP. If you DO pay rent, you are a tenant, you don't have to take that maid shit. DO the boys pay rent? I'm guessing you do for them to try to forge a good relationship, but ultimately you owe the kids nothing...

    One thing I do know for a fact is most parents like that will always side with their babies. You won't win that fight. If they do nothing, then the parents/and your BF know how they are and don't say anything because maybe they know it won't help?

    Not to poo poo your relationship, but you both are young and this will only be temporary. If you guys are to have a chance, you need to be out on your own. If it succeeds or fails, it'll be because of you two. TBH this relationship is being chocked out because these others are causing undue stress...

    If they can disrespect their own brother by shit-talking his GF's appearance, they deserve no respect. If your BF don;t stick up for you (and even himself) that may be a red flag, unless he's stuck too.

    I'd say find out exactly how your BF feels about all of this. If he's stuck and frustrated, you can cut him slack because he's a victim of his family too. If he disregards your feelings about it... Try to find a place of your own, or a roommate... I guess what I'm saying is to assess the situation the nest you can and plan from there. If you guys are made for each other, I'd hate to hear of a breakup due to other people

    And family is a GREAT breaker-upper of relationships. I've gotten yelled at for trying to blow off stuff since I didn't want to get into unnecessary drama, but my inaction was interpreted as taking their side... You are not alone in that boat.

    Good luck

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