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  • Lifes Cruel (And, At Times Very Funny) Ironies.
    Case in point.

    The other day i was taking a leisurely stroll down a narrow country lane where i live.
    On the opposite side of the road, a man, who looked in his late 30's early 40's, with obligatory shades, luminous bib and lycra shorts was jogging in the same direction as i was walking.
    As is the norm here in Ireland, when walking on country roads with no footpaths, you walk on the side of the oncoming traffic for obvious safety reasons.
    Two thoughts entered my head.

    1. I wish i was motivated enough to take up some sort of sport like that guy and get fit also taking care of my health.
    2. Fuck!! I should be walking on the other side of the road for obvious health and safety reasons as is the norm when walking country roads with no footpaths.

    The road had a steep incline and at the point where we were, a sharp bend curving to the right.
    As this thought was passing through my mind, coming in the opposite direction on the side of the road that said jogger was on for obvious health and safety reasons, was a cyclist, wearing the obligatory shades, luminous bib and butt munching lycra shorts pedaling like the devil himself was chasing him.
    As if watching a train wreck in slow motion, BANG!!! the two shades wearing, luminous bib wearing, lycra wearing keep fit buffs collided.

    Being the responsible and caring citizen that i am, i called the emergency services as both of them were moaning and groaning, one in the ditch, one about 20 feet down the road.

    In between fits of uncontrollable laughter i did my best to comfort both until an ambulance arrived.

    I later decided that i'd give the "keep fit" brigade a miss and stick to walking on the wrong side of the road when walking on country roads.

    Go figure?!? Smile
    lol it would only happen in ireland
    where i live people always walk on the wrong side of the road so they can get hit by traffic coming from behind,not tat it makes much difference where you walk as everything is swerving and weaving like nuts anyway,resulting in by far the highest mortality rates on roads in the world.
    my rule here,if you want to stay healthy and fit,stay off the roads

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