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  • Life after death
    who is a believer,i mean who knows it's true at all and how can anybody believe it,if they weren't there??
    I don't know about life and death . . . My grandmother passed away a little over a year ago. When she was still alive and I was just a child, we made a deal that if it was possible to return from the grave she would do so. Since her death I have thought about that many times and I am convinced that if she were to appear(no matter the form) I wouldn't feel scared in any way. She assured me that if she could visit me from the after-life, she would immediately make herself known to me to prevent any fear.

    So I guess what I am saying is that in my book the jury is still out. Maybe one day she will appear to me or maybe she has already tried and I just wasn't paying attention . . .

    Wildcard is awesome.
    I believe in "another existence" after death. Not necessarily "life after death".
    When my Dad died, the first thing that pulled me from the event was finding white feather in my car where no feather could have possibly found its way to.
    I was very close to my Dad and his death shattered me. Since then, when i've needed direction/guidance in my life or just wished "that i could talk to my Dad", i've alwaysfound white feathers in the most unexpected of places and the most odd times.
    For me, that answers my question on life after death.
    He may not be present in the physical sense or be tangiable, but i believe he's there. Smile
    I think this is an excellent topic for a thread.

    I will come back later with my own thoughts on the subject.
    I agree. +1 KP Wink

    Wildcard is awesome.
    I'd be lying if I said I don't care whether there's an afterlife. I'd like there to be one, preferably free from consciousness as we understand it now. I like to describe myself as a "cautious nihilist." I'm inclined to believe in nothing, but I'd be more than happy for someone to prove me wrong.
    Quote:It is a concept as old as human history. It permeates every spiritual belief system ever known. The belief that there exists beyond this mortal coil another realm of existance. That death is not an end, but mearly a transition into plane of reality. But why?

    Is it instinctual? Is the secret to this mystery buried deep in our psyche? Is it something we bring with us into this world? It would be counter to Darwin and Evolutionary Theory for this to be a part of our species evolutionary imperitive, to Survive! Our fear of death, even amongst the faithful, shows our Darwinian side hard at work.

    Therefore, if it is to be considered instinctual, then it must be some form of hidden knowledge we bring with us when we are incarnated into this form, thus implying that the immortality of our 'souls' goes in both directions. Far Eastern Philosophies, and Past Life Regression suggests just that. During my time as a professed Agnostic, I can state that while I was unsure about the existance of 'God', I could not shake the firm belief that there was an existance that trancended death. This belief is what kept me from ever professing to be an Atheist.

    Is it psychologically motivated? Does the belief in an afterlife come from a psychological need to deal with grief? Is it the minds self defense mechanism in dealing with the loss of a loved one? In this manner, we don't really have to say goodbye, but more like see you later.

    Is it the Ego's need to believe that the self will never cease to exist? Since we all share the fear of death, and as far as we know, we are the only species on the planet that is aware of it's own mortality, it could very well be that it is a coping mechanism in dealing with the end of the self.

    Is it spiritually motivated? It is not that uncommon for someone to experience a haunting experience. There are even those among us who claim to be able to sense and communicate with the dearly departed. I have experienced both of these phenomenon myself. Is it due to these otherworldly experiences that we have come to the conclusion that there must be life after death?

    Does Science now support this belief? According to Physics, energy never disapates, organized energy never disorganizes, and the entire Universe is composed of nothing but energy, and that it is all connected. If the 'soul' is merely the organized energy of the person, then the loss of the organic computer (the brain) should only force the energy that is the individual to trancend the physical.

    Then you add the growing scientific data that has been gathered at various haunted locations, such as EVP's, ghostly images caught on film, Electromagnetic and Thermographic readings and the like, the scientific evidence seems to indicate and support the existance of an afterlife.

    Now there are those who insist that there is no God, and that once you die, that's it. But if given clear scientific evidence to the contrary, these left brain dominant skeptics would most likely change their minds.

    While every Religion and Spiritual Belief System varies as to what this Afterlife is like, a majority of humans, including those who follow no given religious or spiritual belief believe that one does indeed exist. But is it real, or just the mind's way of coping with mortality?


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