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  • Rant Liar is trying to get me in trouble at high school
    There's this person, at my school, with a few friends, are probably lying on purpose and exaggerating something to get me in trouble. A few of the friends probably want me in trouble, and a few others just want to follow him. However, the vice principal doesn't think I'm credible because last month, I accidentally spilled applesauce on the leading kid. The leading kid complained to the school police that I know all their addresses and other personal information, which is not true since I only know a few kids' parents names, and just the street names addresses of a few kids because other kids told me. Probably within five minutes, I have to go to the front office, me vs a bunch of kids.
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    (02-01-2019, 12:33 PM)Lyingisbad Wrote:  Probably within five minutes, I have to go to the front office, me vs a bunch of kids.

    Listen closely: do not engage them on what you do or do not know. No one can force you to reveal that information. Simply tell them (over and over if necessary) that these students are bullying you because of a no-fault accident in which you spilled applesauce on the "ring leader"— in all of your language, be sure to point out more than once that this other kid is the "leader" of the group and is influencing them to bully you.

    If it escalates, talk to the school counselor or get your parents involved.

    The main thing is to avoid talking about yourself and shift the conversation back to anything that you can think of that the other kid has ever done to you. Try to build a history of this person taking jabs at you and perhaps you can pull the ole switcheroo on them.

    Good luck!
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    I agree with Wildcard's advice and will 2nd it.

    Keep the focus on them... I sued to get bullied a lot at school and I thought the more details I provided the better off I would be. But really, the more you give them the more they have to twist on you. And also, as Wildcard stated, don't let them tell you what they think you should know, or what is reasonable to think. Tell whoever the circumstances as you see them and don't let them suggest anything other than what you think.

    Hope all goes well.

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