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  • Music Led Zeppelin Sued Over Stairway To Heaven
    [Image: tckHHsG.jpg]

    One of the most iconic songs in Rock and Roll history, Stairway to Heaven as released by Led Zeppelin has come under intense scrutiny. Members of the fairly obscure band Spirit have made claims that the intro and chord progressions were plagiarized from their 1968 instrumental track titled Taurus.

    At around 0:45 is a passage that even the casual listener will recognize as very similar to the intro to Stairway.

    Initially, attorneys for Led Zepplin appealed to a judge to have the case thrown out of court but lost in appeals.

    There is a great article by Forbes magazine
    that breaks down what would need to be proven by the plaintiffs in order to win some sort of settlement. But basically, if the authors of Stairway can be proven to have had access to that song and if it is similar enough to the plaintiff's song or part of the song then a monetary award will be granted based upon several factors that I know very little about.

    As a long time fan, I listened to it and it really does sound very similar, but I also know a couple of other songs that use that progression. I'd say Spirit doesn't deserve a fucking dime.

    What do you think?
    I have no idea what the music scene was back in the 70s, and I wanted to reply 'guilty if proven'. Then I read the Forbes article and the section in it named 'Likely Conclusion'. Considering that there have been similar copying suits against Led Zep in the past, is a 'negative' for them. The fact that their song / music turned out popular should be secondary. I too love the song. That said, if the plaintiff's reason, for delaying the appeal for so many decades, can be disproven, then Led Zep can probably get out unscathed. Should be an interesting case to follow, but a nightmare for any judge.

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