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    We've added auto reload to the latest threads sidebox so that every thirty seconds (if there any new posts/threads) the list will be updated. This is to keep you guys from having to refresh your browser every time you catch up with the new posts to see if there are more.

    thanks mate
    Not to be like that brown-nosing junior exec everyone hates, but great idea, admin. I'm surprised more sites with similar layouts haven't implemented this.
    Thank you. We are also considering other options such as PM autorefresh and Who's Online update and would love to hear any thoughts.
    I'm not sure if anyone cares but just fyi the Who's Online avatar list gets updated once per minute now. Also, we've added a new type of side box on secondary pages called 'Recent Rants' that gives you the last three posts with excerpts from the post. These are not life-changing features, but rather just steps we are taking to try to save you clicks.

    I've also trimmed down the Latest Threads side box because the relevancy of the amount of replies and views of a particular thread was questionable to me and wasted space is meh.

    I'll always be glad to listen your thoughts on changes.

    I like the changes, and think the main page looks better with them. Yay
    me tooRolleyes

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