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  • Movies Last time a Horror actually scared you!
    Anyone recommend any genuinely scary horror films in recent memory? Fed up to the back teeth of going to see what you think is a horror which turns out to be some teen rock music infested CGI laden trash pile (dont mind CGI when done well). And also ones where it turns out it was all the doings of a misunderstood ghost. Whatever happened to horror where it involved pure evil! Insidious and *Rec are the only ones that came close recently. Please no Paranormal Activity either saw the first 2 and was bored. Older, obscure and foreign suggestions welcome.
    the others......with Nicole Kidmann,scared the shit outta me
    horror movies don't scare me. but "the others" is a good flick.

    A great movie that is genuinely scary at least the first time was Darkness Falls. Anyone looking for a good take on horror should check this out.

    Wildcard is awesome.
    must get that one for the kids it will keep them quiet Tongue
    It was billed as a family movie but one film which scared me was the recent Super 8, about some kids shooting a horror flick who stumble across a government conspiracy involving a violent alien. It has a lot of jumpy moments in the latter half.
    I recommend making your kids watch STRANGELAND. Seriously.

    Last movie that actually scared me? Ummmmm... The Human Caterpillar was disturbing. WOLF CREEK - I highly recommend it.
    (12-14-2011, 11:44 PM)Aish Wrote:  Last movie that actually scared me? Ummmmm... The Human Caterpillar was disturbing.

    is that an alternative title for the human centipede, or is it another movie altogether?

    (12-14-2011, 11:44 PM)Aish Wrote:  WOLF CREEK - I highly recommend it.

    and with good reason - that movie is excellent.
    You are correct, Bob - I botched the title. The Human Centipede.
    Wolf Creek iz tha shiz Big Grin
    Wolf Creek made me ill. Must have done wonders for the outback's rep as a backpacking destination.

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