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  • Kremlin Returns to Typewriters
    Here is a rather startling story.

    The Kremlin decided the best way to avoid computer leaks was to throw out all their computers and return to using typewriters instead.

    Kremlin Returns To Typewriters To
    Avoid Computer Leaks

    We all know there will be some degree of lowered efficiency using typewriters instead of word processors.

    But how many other government agencies do you think will follow their lead?

    I think Egypt might be a good bet. Also North Korea. They sure don't want any of their state secrets leaked.

    Or maybe this is just a hoax? I think that may be another good bet.
    (This post was last modified: 07-12-2013, 12:07 PM by AliShibaz.)
    Using typewriters is an extremely safe way to prepare documents, since no one can hack into them.
    Mind you, if the room the typewriter is in happened to have an audio bug in it, it might theoretically be possible to get an idea about what is being typed if the noises a typewriter makes when the different letters are struck can be isolated.
    To play it really safe, maybe governments should return to using ink pots and quill pens.

    Never underestimate the power of human stupidity.
    - Robert A. Heinlein

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