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    This thread is dedicated to one of my all time hereos, Howard Stern. Regardless of what you think of him and if you think he's changed, he forged the path making the way for all others to follow. Even people like Leno and Letterman took from him.

    I was first introduced to him in the 90s when he came to Connecticut through radio station WCCC, where he physically worked before and met Fred, the guy who makes the sound effects.

    Even the stupid segments had me laughing. I never really cared as much for the lesbian segments, but his general talk and especially yelling at his staff is the stuff made of legends.

    I remember personally having Cancer and being wiped out on Chemo in 1999, not being able to do much of anything, but almost passing out laughing so hard from listening to him. I feat I neve thought I'd accomplish at that time... For that, I am eternally grateful.

    Jackie was funny and awesome, and them raging on him was great, when he left and was replaced with Artie, the show never lost a step. Saying who was better is like saying if I like Salmon better than Filet ignon...2 of the best choices in their field.

    I have Sirius to this day to listen to Stern, but I admit the laughs are not as frequent. I listen to him for nostalgia and the fact that regardless of what you think of him, he's still one of the best interviewers in the game. I downloaded his new book, But it was really just a list of all interviews I've heard; if I would have paid for it I would have been angry.   I did buy Private Parts and watched the Movie.

    Robin, Fred, Baba-Booey, even the wack pack callers came together in a perfect time to create legendary entertainment. I'm listening to old Stern clips now...

    I think with all the sucesshe has, and years of therapy, he's either lost his edge to be controversial, or (like he says) he is evolving. No matter what he turned into, I'll always feel a sense of support for all the times he made bad times pass quickly.

    Do you love Stern, hate him or don't care? Also, post your stern clips here...

    Here is Artie telling one of my favorite stories about describing how a bookie was threatening him after finding out his friend was ripping him off on Ash Wednesday...

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    I never really got into Howard Stern's stuff until I saw Norm MacDonald on there. I saw him on Leno when I was a kid, and even genuinely like that crazy ass movie he made back in the day, but I wasn't a fan, really.

    But since I started watching a lot of Norm, Artie Lange and Howard sort of link from there.

    Real talk: Howard is a douche, but he is unapologetic about that, so, in one man's opinion, that makes it okay Yay
    (06-19-2019, 06:02 PM)Wildcard Wrote:  Real talk: Howard is a douche, but he is unapologetic about that, so, in one man's opinion, that makes it okay Yay

    That's part of what endeared me to him at first... Maybe with age and or the need to be accepted now, he DOES apologize to people and cleaned up his act to make himself acceptable to the A-list crowd.

    When I have admitting mental issues of my own it's nice to hear someone else like that who doesn't give a fuck... But, that's the same reason why I can understand why he wants to be accepted so badly.

    I love Norm, but when he was on the show that made me love him even more.

    Another staple of the show was Stuttering John... That's partly why he was always out of the A-crowd.

    I can watch this stuff all day...
    Another thing I like to revisit are his broadcasts of major events... Right now I'm listening to him before the OJ verdict, saying if he's found NOt guilty, he'd shave his head!!!

    Another eerie thing to hear is the 9/11 broadcast.

    That's not just for him though. That's a way to remember how things were by remembering little things that are overlooked. I forgot how big this trial was, and I remember it being HUGE
    Another unsung hero of the early era of the show... Billy West

    You may recognize his voice from Doug or Ren and Stimpy... When you listen to everyone it seems like they all liked him but management screwed him over. Seems his career took off after he left anyway.

    Funny dude

    Chevy Chase was always an unfunny, pompous BITCH IMHO! I was happy to hear Bill Murry punched him.

    Long video but time passes quickly as Howard tortures Fletch. I'm a little sad that Howard made up with him and they are now friends...
    Howard comments to Kim Goldman that OJ should not be on Twitter...

    OJ's response:

    I agree with Howard, He should be kicked off the god dammed PLANET.

    But that is emotional... I've been crying about the new culture of innocent until proven guilty and how people jump to conclusions before their day in court. Even though it's obvious that OJ is guilty, the structure we have set found him not guilty.

    I don't think Howard is being hypocritical... H's using the path he made for free speech to say regardless of the law, that he should be kicked off... And that is his opinion and it's OK to say... I agree...

    If Howard went to Twitter or the FCC to ban him just because he doesn;t like him, that would be something else... He's just saying what most of us are thinking, but it sounded more like a venting or trying to comfort someone than to make an actual campaign to remove him.

    People get booted for opinions all the time... I wonder why OJ is allowed on. BUt I have to say it wouldn't be right to remove anyone just because you don't like or agree...




    More LOL's

    The guy with the fro is Anthony from Opie and Anthony fame.

    Anthony=100% of the talent between O&A
    (This post was last modified: 07-24-2019, 06:08 PM by LZA.)

    It's a shame what Howard has become... Old Howard would ridicule new Howard into death...

    This is a summit meeting of him trying to drum up business... He takes credit for people's careers he had no business taking (Jerry Seinfeld, John Stewart, etc)

    It's OK to evolve... The sex stuff is gone, which makes sense since he's older now... And you would think all those years of therapy calmed him down.

    But all that (plus the $$) must have gone to his head and made him delusional...

    NO one is allowed to speak to him in the hallways, most former people who worked for him are baffled at this switch. It's almost like he took himself too seriously and sabotaged what made him famous by "fixing" those issues... Some of the best shows were him yelling at the incompetence of his crew...

    Oh well, I'll always love old Stern and little of his new stuff is good, but he's become delusional now... Telling his crew to make twitter accounts to drum up celebrity guests? Wendy Williams was right, and Stern yelling at her and looking like a douche is just more proof the old Stern is dead...

    And I DON'T blame Marci Turk... Howard hired her and gave her carte blanche to clean house... I guess he really was pissed at Gary's incompetence... Congrats man, you may have a better run show, but that show is bland and generic.

    It just breaks my heart...He can stay the same but change his show to evolve, but I think he's changed as a person and the show is suffering for it...
    I think you are saying that the chaotic nature of the show earlier on was a big part of what made it great, and if so, I feel that way too.

    Howard was a great provocateur back in the day, now, he just seems to be a disgruntled old guy.
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