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  • Kim Jong-I's Funeral?

    Nth Korea - Sth Korea. We all know the history, risks, threats, and loyalties (As afforded to us by our pure and impartial press).
    If memory serves me correct. Saddam Hussein was burning/shooting infants in their incubators.

    But i'm just an old cynic.
    What's your thoughts guys!!
    The funny thing about media is, they accuse North Korea of controlling the information that's released to the public as if "the public" is too stupid to realise that the media of every nation is doing exactly that. The only difference is the level of illusion of government non-interference. Popular media at least is censored rigorously by wealthy people with agendas -- the only things that can be reported with any real degree of impartiality are things that are trivial in the larger scheme.

    Now, that's not a conspiracy theory, it's fact. It doesn't mean it's necessarily bad -- Joe Public does not "need to know" a lot of things that go on behind the scenes when it comes to running Corporation Earth. People are very easily confused, after all. North Korea is probably doing its populace a favour by limiting how much information they are bombarded with -- it gives them more time to concentrate on what's important, instead of worrying endlessly about things they can't change.*

    *some parts of this may be sarcastic
    That's why i love camera phones and "up-links".
    If you listen closely to our "established" news networks. A common verbal thread is "we can't confirm the origins of this video".
    Horray for us!!!

    The likes of Rupert Murdoch are on the decline.!!

    Quote:Control what the people digest, you control the people.

    Author unknown

    As i'm posting i'm watching the "funeral" on TV. Smile
    Unfortunately, the camera-phone thing is wide open for exploitation -- there's been a reversal of trust. Once upon a time the man with the nice stiff hairdo sitting behind the news desk was to be trusted implicitly as he'd never steer you wrong. Now he's an object of suspicion and cynicism, while the gritty, wobbly amateur video is billed as "more authentic". The truth is (one truth is, maybe) that getting your information from one source, or a series of sources which on closer examination are revealed as one source, is never good policy if it's accuracy you're after.

    I do agree, however, that News Limited et al are corporate stooges and should be reviled with every fibre of one's being.

    No fucking censorship. Ever.
    Tune into BBC World. History is being made in front of our eyes (so to speak).
    Just like i saw the "Wall" fall between east and west Germany. This event is just as important/relavent.
    Nth Korea (According to the US) is the "The nest that breeds the axis globally".

    It's one to watch! One which i'm watching avidly Smile

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