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  • Kazakhstan is throttling the internet when the president’s rival is online
    Kazakhstan Is Throttling The
    Internet When The President's Rival Is Online

    Quote:Every evening for the past four months, social media websites have become largely unusable for many people in Kazakhstan.

    After 8 p.m., for a couple of hours, just as many people are winding down from a day at work, popular sites like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and messaging apps like Telegram work either slowly or not at all.

    Marat Kiyashev, a doctor from Almaty, said he was not especially irritated by the slowdown until the World Cup began.

    "Today I couldn’t go onto Facebook and talk with my friends about the awesome match between Belgium and Panama. It really made me mad," Kiyashev told Eurasianet.

    The trouble appears to have stared around March, when a court in the capital, Astana, deemed the opposition group Democratic Choice of Kazakhstan, DVK in its Russian initials, an extremist organization.

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