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  • Judge Beats Daughter On Camera!!!
    Right OK. Let's put a few things straight here. So everyone has been saying that this is unacceptable, but some people have said the spanking was fine. Do you want to know why you don't hit children? Because they are weak. Children are not adults. You beat an adult, and he will beat you. You beat a child, and they will sit there and fucking take the beating, because children can't fight back and won't fight back against the parents who raised and nurtured them. This is bullying by her own parents, the people fucking responsible for her safeguarding. To be honest, I could probably understand spanking once or twice. But this abomination was a man dominating someone who would not and could not fight back. It has obviously been going on for a long time, from the way the mother dealt with it.

    Sorry for the block of text.
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    I thought the spank is supposed to be a unwanted effect from something the parent thinks the kid is doing wrong. Kinda like when a person pulls up on a dogs collar to get him to sit. conditioning really, not grandstanding to prove a point like this bastard did. I bet he thought with every whip he was right.. you should never have to hit a human being to get them to understand something... this was was outta bounds.

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