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  • Discussion Johnny Depp Verdict Comes Down In His Favor


    Boo ya bitch!

    Ya Heard

    I've been folowing this closely. This NEEDED to happen to show not to #believeallwomen.

    She's so arrogant and selfish, she does not realize how badly she's hurting real victims.

    I'f I was Johnny, I'd squeeze every penny out of that evil bitch!

    Granted, Johnny has fault in this too. He's so smitten by the pussy he allowed this to happen. He lives in the Hollywood la la land as well.

    She's one of those that are HOT, but the more you get to know her, the less hot she gets. I'd say I'd still bang her, but IRL, I don't have the $$ to fight the case when she pulls her shit. I'd be convicted and rotting in a cell like most other "randos" as she's coined the term.

    I was married as you all know, but never in my wildest arguments have I thought "I know what'll piss her off, let me SHIT on her side of the bed". Thats professional psycho shit right there.

    Lastly, she abuses her sister, Whitney too, but she stays by her side. I know the self loathing that comes with not advocationg for yourself in front of someone who abuses you. I feel bad for her TBH

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