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  • Issue at work, advice, input greatly appreciated
    ]Sooooo... I’m kinda stressed and idk what to feel, I guess I feel bad but I’d like some input on this situation. I worked with two supervisors I normally get along with that happen to be kinda close-ish friends this past Sunday. It was starting off kinda normal (I guess) whenever the boss lady isn’t in, everyone grabs breakfast and coffee before we open, and they just kinda relax. That morning was that with some extra stuff... when we opened it was literally just me with a cook... we were missing 3 bodies for about 10 minutes... they come back and they just chill in the back eating and drinking coffee even though we’re already open and we have a few guests already. kinda not cool. About an hour later the cook disappears for half an hour to Starbucks. Not cool.] And both supervisors and the other cook were Just sitting in the back talking and drinking coffee or whatever while i had a line to the door of hungry customers. VERY uncool. The cook that was missing for a millenia finally walks back through the door, he makes a handful of orders and 20 minutes later he sent on his actual lunch break. Because that makes total sense to do when he’s just been gone for half an hour right?... he stays on break 10 minutes longer than he was supposed to... kind of annoying but ok. It’s supposed to be my turn to go on break when he gets back. A little while later the male supervisor tells me “oh hey you can go on break now”. Ok cool, I wash my hands and start making my lunch (since my job offers free food for employees) while I’m halfway done making it he comes back and says “oh yeah, you know you could actually go home if you wanted to, we’re pretty slow today” so I’m thinking... ‘oh ok...?’ And the female supervisor says “no she can’t, we have to get everyone else’s breaks out of the way before we can send her home.” (Which I was fine with, that’s normal procedure, I get it. Bear in mind though it’s around 1 o’clock when they’re saying they need to knock breaks out first.) we get a little busy, it finally slows down around 2. I’m feeling pretty hungry at this point, but if they can get breaks out of the way between 2 and 3 I can grab something to eat and be ok. Well. The female supervisor doesn’t take her break until like 3. She comes back, and the male supervisor and the cook that didn’t disappear to Starbucks both go on break and take about 45 minutes to come back. So by this point, it was basically 4 o’clock and I hadn’t eaten anything since 7am, and I have low blood sugar. So I’m standing there, feeling really dizzz and shaky but I can’t leave the front counter because my relief (the male supervisor who came back from break 20 minutes ago never came back up to the front, and I can’t leave the front to grab him since there’s a line to the door of people waiting to be served.) then. The female supervisor and the rest of the staff thatve been chatting and chilling in the back finally have an “oh shit” moment and realize that not only have I not gotten a break, I also still have not been sent home and it’s already almost the end of my shift. So the female supervisor goes “oh you can take a break now, we can’t send you home since we have too much stuff to do in the back” so at this point I’m not fully coherent, I start slapping together some food, and I sit down and eat in the back... later on when the assistant manager comes in, he notices I took my break extremely late, and he gets concerned because he knows that I have low blood sugar and he asks me about it. I tell him a bit of what happened and how it legit felt like they forgot about me for a while... 

    Fast forward to today my best friend told me she was pulled to the side by our store manager and asked about what happened. (Because the assistant manager was concerned and told her about it ) my best friend told the manager about it, and the manager pulled the female supervisor to the side and talked to her about it. The female supervisor sent me some long ass messages about how “I should’ve talked to her about it instead of telling everyone about it, now it’s a big ass deal.” And to me it’s kind of selfish for her to be thinking like that. Especially since I was essentially glued to the front counter helping guests and doing my job. And I did tell her about my low blood sugar when I finally got a break, she just shrugged it off. The manager is talking to the male supervisor tomorrow, and me on Wednesday... 
    if anyone has any thoughts or advice it’s greatly appreciated

    On a side note, I know I should’ve spoken up, I just really didn’t have much time to actually speak up about it since I was busy doing my job and trying to balance everyone else’s...
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