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  • Isn't it just better to be single?
    I don't know the joys of being in love. I only know the bullshit that can result from thinking that I am in love when really its just that I like to have sex and get my meals cooked for me Confused

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    I know the feeling of having that person leave and feeling like a loser for being sad. So I go out to a bar, get shit-face and bang some chick that may or may not be below my standards to help me 'cope'. Sometimes I think it might be better to be single and just stay that way.

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    I am probably the wrong person to answer this, but atp I agree it is better to be single. It's easier, less messy, and you don't wind up dealing with drama, sickness, broken promises, or loss of identity.
    I'm too damn wild when I'm single.

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    (03-15-2012, 12:06 PM)LannisterHater Wrote:  I'm too damn wild when I'm single.

    I'm pretty volitile no matter what, though marriage did calm me down for a bit. It went away lol.
    Relapse Tongue

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    Raging relapse Tongue
    I sometimes think life would be easier if I was hollow inside, but then I'd probably envy those who've known the joy of love. I've never known romantic love, but familial is unpleasant enough.
    Familial is sometimes downright pathological. Romantic love is basically a synaptic response, anyway. True deep committment comes with years of hell.
    I'm not even sure love exists . . . and I don't mean it like some emo kid trying to sound pitiful.

    Aish Wrote:Romantic love is basically a synaptic response, anyway.

    I'm beginning to think that you are right about that. Maybe relationships are more about comfort and less about some magic between two people. I know a lot of people that are in long-term relationships because it is easier than being alone.

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    come on,you guys, def.remember those mooning days,staring into nothingness,sighing away,standing on a bridge,looking into the distance towards my beloveds house,ah well,maybe single is better
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