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  • Is counting so hard?
    It amazes me how little people use their brains!

    I went through the drive-thru and my total was $5.21 and I gave the cahier a ten and said, 'Hold on, let me see if I've got the change.' I found the 21 cents, but by then she'd already totaled the sale. When I handed her the change, she said, 'What's this for?' and I said, 'It's the change.'

    She looked at me like I was stupid and said, 'You've already gave me a ten, you have enough.' And proceeded to give me back 4.79 . . . and my 21 cents. Huh

    Wildcard is awesome.
    i guess you don't have to be able to count anymore if you work in places like that,they push on images of the product and then automaticly it says how much change to give back,so you shouldn't bother to be too cleverBig Grin ,i hope this was a usefull lesson lesson ,if not,contact meTongue
    It just sucks how people are deciding not to think. In another forum a member started a thread called 'With Facts So REadily Available Why Should We Learn?'

    I was so shocked I didn't even reply.

    Wildcard is awesome.
    yeah,that's a bad one
    And yet around here people are sent to training to run a register...uh...
    ya need training here to even sign on the dole lol
    unemployed = the welfare system meaning "on the dole"
    I teach adult ed, including numeracy -- and fair enough, plenty of people have genuine trouble with basic maths, but what's really scary are the people who've had to come to classes to retrain but have previously held jobs in retail or (the most unbelievable of all) in engineering!
    Engineering!? I've actually got a lot of respect for the bullshitting capacity of a person who can suck at math and be an engineer . . . wow

    Wildcard is awesome.

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