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  • Is Life Shit?
    I overheard an overused phrase the other day; ‘life is shit and then you die’. It is simplistic and does not take into account the joys of love and sex and birth and nature and all its wondrous, unfathomable beauty; the epic scene of an almost ethereal early morning countryside mist nestling in the hedgerows, a desert sunrise or witnessing the full enormity of the universe in the Antarctic as the Milky Way and thousands of other stars are astonishingly visible.

    It glosses over the beauty of music and rhythm, the excitement of a first kiss and hearing truth in the words ‘I love you’. Forgotten are the arms of your parents around you, the breathless, aching laughter we had as children and the bewildering amazement of our first orgasm.

    However, it’s right. Life is shit. What happens after life is death. So after all the shit has happened you die. I wish it were different. I hope amongst all my closeted hopes that life continues after death and I continue to exist in some sense in this universe of ours. It won’t but that is half the problem. The other half is that life is shit.

    Let me explain. Until relatively recently I saw existence as universal. Whenever I thought of life I didn’t think of my solitary existence but of all life and matter in the known universe. I know my life is inconsequential but in the context of everything (the fact that we are the only known planet to have life… and we can see 13 billion light years away) life is amazing, miraculous, complex and mysterious. I thought I appreciated the majesty, the magic and mystery of our unknowable universe.

    Maybe I still do. But my main concern is that, despite appreciating that I will never fully understand that said majesty, magic and mystery I shall also never grasp why the life I have been given is so fucking tawdry, asinine and futile. I truly want to think of life in the terms outlined in the first paragraph. I want to appreciate its splendour. But… when you are faced with such a powerful, jet propelled enema of shit into your face it is exceptionally challenging.

    I do not own a television anymore. I cannot. Whenever I have seen it in the last five years someone is trying to sell me something I do not need or show me a way of living that is anathema to me.

    Buy a house, sell it at a profit because money buys you more houses. Look like this person. Do not look like this person. If you buy this phone you will naturally embody a certain lifestyle. Laugh at this and other people will want to laugh with you, because prior to you laughing they were unsure if it was funny, but now you all know such a thing you all think it’s hilarious.

    Go abroad. Create life experiences. Get in debt. Support a team with your hard earned cash that make you ashamed to call what you are witnessing a ‘sport’. Buy a lottery ticket. Buy hope. Buy a mendacious notion of materialism as the answer to all the terrifying questions you have but have successfully ignored and secreted under a mountain of duvet-fat layers of defence mechanisms. Consume. Eat. Drink. Purchase. Call our hotline. Vote for who you think should win. Spend money on something we have told you to care about. Give us your fucking money.

    Make a millionaire richer. Devour your way through our mountain of pretence and buy our fucking stuff you malleable twats.

    When I wake up all I hear are neighbours desperately trying to upgrade their houses. All I see on the news (internet streaming – no telly) is a government and a media system trying to tell me how important they both are without actually showing me one thing they have done for the greater good. I eat my lunch thinking of the enormous corporation I bought it from. I eventually go to sleep after being unable to justify my inaction against these groups.

    If I wanted to be happy, which I really do, I would need a transparent government and a job I would be proud to call my own where I created something. I would require a home where I felt safe that I had paid for myself without the accoutrements others suggested I have. I would need a press that reported facts without an agenda, an army full of honourable men and women and a police force that were not governed by a limiting set of supposedly progressive and yet wholly archaic set of rules but rather were thoughtful, empathic and constant.

    I would appreciate music that was not aimed at selling a certain amount of units. I would like to watch films that didn’t cater for the lowest, window-licking, common denominator by regurgitating the same old hackneyed shite we have seen and despised countless times before.

    When I speak to someone on the telephone I actually want to speak to a human being. When I get into a car I do not expect to have the conversation regularly interrupted by the pre-recorded voice of a sat-nav.

    All I want is simplicity. All I want is to exist without feeling like I need a moral shower every 20 seconds.

    Am I alone?
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    (11-19-2017, 04:20 PM)DrYes Wrote:  Am I alone?

    Nope, but the company sucks.

    "Yeah. I understand the mechanics of it, shithead. I just don't understand how this is any less retarded than what I'm suggesting." - Kiley; Housebound.
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    Life don't suck, our society is garbage. Therefor you should leave it, so will I.

    steven hawking
    life is o.k.sort of and then you die
    You have awakened to the fact that there are two realities. There is the natural reality, full of wonder and majesty, beauty and excitement, and there is the human reality, filled with triviality and petty nonsense. Your existence in human reality is defined by your role as a consumer of commercial goods and services, and to a lesser extent, as a laborer, working to provide goods or services which people who matter can sell for a substantial profit. You are not supposed to contemplate the glory and wonder of the natural world, as it is not your world. You are supposed to have your head down, obsessively typing away on your smart phone, updating the world on what you had for lunch, and following the pointless play by play of other peons pathetic lives as if to offer one another a state of celebrity that you may all feel just important enough not to slit your wrists. All this so you can continue to buy the garbage we advertise and work for peanuts to make us rich(er).

    This is your reality. It will continue to be your reality until you have outlived your usefulness to us as a slave and you retire, likely in poor health, requiring expensive medications to keep your sorry ass alive, which of course we are happy to provide. Then you can die very slowly and witness the next degeneration of your species come to the realization that for them "life is shit and then you die."

    I don't live in your world. I live in a big-ass beautiful house in Nevada, that is when I am not hopping around the world experiencing all the great things life has to offer. My life that is, not yours. Horseback riding, wake boarding, sky diving, base jumping with friends, and sampling pussy from every culture (Those Indian girls have really got it going on, but the French women are a close second... Ooh la la.)

    Concern yourself with what is achievable for you. Do asinine shit and post it on YouTube and maybe become a star. Get a bunch of nameless losers to 'follow' you and then you'll have something to brag about. Remember, it's not about what you do, it's about what you buy, so remember to watch commercials and buy whatever the TV says you need. The TV is your gawd, and it will teach you all you need to know.
    (This post was last modified: 02-12-2018, 09:53 PM by Lethal Dose. Edit Reason: Because I fucking well felt like it. )
    life is shit at the moment because I'm sick
    I shit at the moment because life.

    life is there to shit out every now and then

    I feel a lot better now,thank you.togachu

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