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  • Ireland tops the list for [SHAM] Marriages
    was just watching a programme about it,but didn't know we topped the list for this sort

    would you pay for a latvian woman to be your wife???
    I wouldn't pay for a straight woman much less a Latvian Hysterical

    Wildcard is awesome.
    (12-07-2011, 11:42 AM)Mark Wrote:  I wouldn't pay for a straight woman much less a Latvian Hysterical

    What is Latvian anyway?

    Wildcard is awesome.
    from latvia (a country)
    Wow thanks bob. I guess next time I'll Google instead of asking like a dumbass. Tongue

    Wildcard is awesome.
    American's Rolleyes
    in my time it was the other way around,we got paid for some dumb ass who wanted to become european

    consistency is the hobdob
    of small minds[
    I thought those types of marriages only happened in the U.S.
    I'm not sure I understand the purpose of such marriages. Surely if you can afford to have someone trafficked across countries you could just enlist the services of a high class prostitute. The emotional element is surely the same, and you wouldn't be stuck with a jaded companion who probably despises you all day. Unless the marriage is for social reasons; you don't want people to think you're gay, you need to impress your parents etc.

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