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  • Tech Discussion Internet browsers - I'd love your opinion
    Which internet browser is the best IYO

    So what do you think???

    I was born with IE in my blood and have used it with no problem or fuss. I thought that a browser is a browser since it does the same thing. I can't being to tell you how wrong I was...

    It was when I was working at home I found out how much IE lacked in everything... The Tech support told me to try Firefox to get rid of the bugs I was experiencing. Man, she was right, and once I got used to it, I liked the flow of it better. In addition, once I started torrenting, I found out about the add on feature to block adds, and tag pics to forums... nice feature... Plus other things; you can customize Firefox like a car.

    What do you use? IE, Opera, Firefox, Google Chrome, or Apple Safari ( I guess you can still use it even if your not a Mac owner.

    Why do you like your browser? Can you customize your browser like you can Firefox??? I guess you can customize IE, (someone told me, but I don't know how and now that I'm happy with Firefox, I'll stick with that...

    Which do you think is the safest, in your opinion.

    The article says IE is the most popular, but that doesn't mean it's the best... That just means most computers probably run on it and people use what's default...

    I'm posing this question to everyone, even the people that hate me, I still you are knowledgeable anbd respect you as a computer user and your opinion. I'd love to hear from you!!! Thanks so much...

    I bet if I looked there are online tutorials for some of these browsers... I'm sure I'm not maximizing the most of my Firefox...

    i tried IE, chrome, and firefox. the only one i liked was firefox, so that's the one i chose to use. the reason i like it is simple: it's close enough to my idea of what an ideal browser should be. unlike the other two i mentioned.
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    Agreed...Firefox just has so much to offer, and the ease of use makes it over the top #1 (if a tard like me can use it, anyone can!!!) Thanks. I just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing out on features another browser had to offer...
    I use Chrome or Edge. Chrome is nice, but once my system starts getting bogged down with too much (Its a tech sin to let your computer fill up, I know, but it just kinda happens) Chrome starts becoming less responsive. I´ve tried Firefox, but it just never runs well for me, so all the tweaks and mods you can do to it are pretty useless to me in that case. I particularly like edge, despite its complete lack of plugins and tweaks, because it runs so well.
    I've got issues with firefox lately,like stuttering videos,unresponsive,etc.the only reason I still stick with it is that it has a couple of plugins I use a lot,my patience is running out though,never heard of edge,gonna give it a try
    Came across a new browser named 'Epic'. Haven't tried it much, but looks like it is popular.
    and it is "Made in India" :-)
    Epic Privacy Browser, A Secure
    Chromium-Based Web Browser With Encrypted Proxy And Adblock...

    Sri, Edge is the default browser on Windows 10. So, you'll need Windows 10 to use Edge. It is to my knowledge not available for earlier versions of Windows.

    Firefox is stable. Try re-installing. Remember to take a backup of your plugins if necessary.

    I use IE 11, Firefox and TOR.
    I stopped using Chrome after i found that it was quietly doing things in the background much like Windows OS used to. Getting updates and such. It was bogging my system down.

    Operais another browser worth a look.
    I've had a good experience with it.
    It comes with several built-in features.
    It has its own ad-blocking system, turbo mode for faster page loading.
    It is also built on Chromium, the same tech as Chrome browser. So you get good speed.

    Opera Developer (beta version), "has added a free and unlimited VPN to access region blocked videos and of course identity protection".

    As for plugins / extensions, most Chrome extensions are known to work on Opera.

    Other than that, one could try disabling auto-playing adobe flash player, just to be safe.
    Flash vulnerabilities crop up time and again.
    Instructions on disabling can be found here: http://helpx.adobe.com/flash-player.html

    Firefox recently seems to have added Sandboxing feature. More can be read in this thread.
    Firefox Finally Gets Sandboxing
    Again To Improve Security, Stability And Performance -...

    Ensure you keep your browser up-to-date and browse safe. Smile

    Much of the info. above is from a newspaper article. I don't have a link to it right now.

    Progress might have been all right once, but it has gone on too long -- Ogden Nash
    Firefox is probably the best, but I like the aesthetic and customization of chrome.

    I've heard many many good things about edge though, might be worth a look.
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    got it sorted,it had something to do with tor browser

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