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  • Interesting Etymology.
    In this thread you can post, words (preferably English) which you, come across / know that have an interesting word-origin.

    The post is to contain a paragraph or two which can be quoted.

    Modest discussion on the word origin is allowed. For instance, someone may post a word, which sounds like one in your language. In which case you could make a follow-up post. That would be interesting to read/know.

    I will open with a word that was recently the spotlight in the "media" :-)

    Mugatroyd is a surname. Its etymology, according to one source, is as follows: In 1371, a constable was appointed for the district of Warley in Yorkshire. He adopted the name of Johanus de Morgateroyde, or literally: John of Moor Gate Royde or the district leading to the moor. Another source says the place name means Margaret's road. In Norse, the Royd meant "Clearing" (as in a forest) Although Moorgate in London was a gate with the road to the moor passing through, in Yorkshire, Gate (again from Norse) means street, so Moor Gate Royd would be "A clearing in the forest on the road to the moor". The name is also used in the favorite catchphrase of the Hanna-Barbera cartoon character Snagglepuss - "Heavens to Murgatroyd!"
    - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Murgatroyd
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