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    Who knows what this subject is about my daughter who is studding Phycology has just come home and said “Dad what do you know about Intellectual Masturbation”

    I mumbled and pontificated and told her I would get back to her so then I looked it up and its not what I thought it was.

    So Intellectual Masturbation what does it mean to you and why?

    I hope this is in the correct thread if not sorry Mods please put it in the correct oneSmile
    It is a way of describing a self-pleasing mental attitude or thoughts that are good for nothing more than to stimulate one's own perception of themselves.

    Like when people spout off big words and act like they are ancient Greek philosophers just to impress their friends who are in turn mouthing off and pretending not to notice each other's bullshit. Wink

    Wildcard is awesome.
    To sum it up someone who is a talking "wanker" Big Grin

    Bunnies are better
    An extract from a paper by MIKE OLIVER

    Intellectual masturbation may seem a harsh way to describe a legitimate academic argument but it is precisely because we regard such activities as legitimate that they need to be confronted polemically. What we had in their discussion were two academics with abilities, discussing the relevance of a theory developed by other people with abilities in the context of studies of groups who were deviant but not disabled, and all this debate took place, divorced from any reference to direct experiences of disability. Now that may be scientific, but I doubt if it is very useful in understanding the real nature of disability, or indeed, integration in modem society.

    Intellectual masturbation - Centre for Disability Studies


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