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  • Insane Gunman starts a fire and then kills firemen who respond
    Webster, NY Gunman Left Note Saying
    He Wanted To Die 'killing People'

    Human Remains Found In Home Of Webster Gunman, Who Left Chilling Note

    This story describes a 62 year-old man who had been imprisoned for 17 years for killing his grandmother and was then released. Some time later, after his mother died, he started a fire in his own house and then took up a sniper position and shot and killed two firefighters and seriously wounded two others who responded to the fire.

    I have read a few news stories about this event and they all said that police have no idea what his motive was. But I think I have an idea as to what his motive might have been.

    I believe that when he was arrested and interrogated and then jailed 17 years, he likely suffered some kind of abuse at the hands of the police and prison guards just like most every man who is arrested and then imprisoned. I said "man" because I honestly have no idea how women are treated when they are arrested. I have never heard of any women who were routinely beaten by female police or prison guards.

    I'm certainly not supporting what this crazy man did. Not in any way. In fact, I believe it was wrong and crazy because it did no good for him or anyone else. In order to do what he did, I believe he must have been insane. But I also believe that part of the reason he became insane was due to the abuse he likely suffered at the hands of the police and prison guards.

    I suppose it may be necessary to address cases where people do similar acts of violence against innocent victims they don't know - such as shooting up a school full of young children where the shooter has never been arrested or imprisoned. All I can say about that is to suggest that abuse at the hands of police and prison guards may only be a contributing cause of the insanity that overtakes these people. In other cases, the insanity may be entirely due to other factors. It may even be some sort of mental defect and have nothing to do with the events of their lives.

    In this case, I don't know for a fact this man suffered any abuse. But from what I do know (including my own personal experience), almost every man who is arrested and/or imprisoned does indeed suffer some abuse from the police and prison guards. From what I know, the police seem to feel it is their right and even their responsibility to give some beatings or "attitude adjustments" (as they call them) to people who are accused of crimes - even if they have not yet been tried or found guilty.

    I'm guessing a large part of the motivation in cases like this is revenge against the people who have abused them - even if the victims are not the same people who have abused them - just other police and other first responders.

    It's not right. I'm not saying it is in any way right. I'm just saying that I think I may understand some part of their motivation. I'm also saying that there should never be any case where police or prison guards get ahold of a prisoner in a locked (often windowless) room without the entire incident being recorded on video and made available to the prisoner's lawyer(s).

    I was arrested once on a totally bogus charge and I was quickly released and it never even went to trial. But when I was arrested, I found myself in a locked windowless room together with two cops and I want to tell you that I will go to my grave believing that in most cases when people find themselves in that situation, they suffer some form of abuse at the hands of the police - maybe physical, or maybe just mental or emotional. But if a judge or jury was ever shown what goes on in those rooms, they would never, ever, ever, convict anyone charged with a crime. Never!
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