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  • Inexperience is evil
    So I've had the greatest/worst experiences with a woman in my life. Ok so I'm 23 and I'm not a horrible looking guy but I have no experience with women, I'm a virgin, I've never kissed held hands or anything. I've never even tried to pursue a girl before, I just didn't care.

    I work at a retail store known as Wal-mart, You've probably never heard of it. I work 3rd shift as a stocker. A couple of months ago a super fly chick started working 1st shift and we would see each other a little bit before I'd leave to go home. We never talked but she started giving me signals and I didn't want to believe it because she seemed way out of my league, like this girl is so fine that I've heard so many people saying that they we're trying to talk to her but couldn't get her number. She was giving them no signals at all, and those guys are way more alpha male than me. I just play video games and work that's it. I was very sketch of the situation.

    Then one day in the break room she started flirting with me while I was trying to make a PBnJ for the road. She was teasing and picking with me, that kid type of flirting. I was trying to flirt back with her with the little bit of experience I knew of flirting but I was kinda flustered so I just kinda hurried and left. The next day we were walking by each other in the hallway and she was just staring at me with these puppy dog eyes. I didn't know what to do so I just stared at her also lol. And as we were about to pass each other she puts her head down and makes this look of disappointment because I didn't say anything or didn't make a move on her.

    After that I was really wanting to make a move on her, like really bad. I started telling my fellow coworkers hoping to get some insight on how to approach a girl. It didn't help, the rumor started just floating around, even got to the ears of people on 1st shift. And now the pressure was on me and I started stressing out, started getting a lot of pimples on my face. Everybody can easily tell I'm stressing out, people on 1st shift wouldn't even look at me in my face was getting so bad. I was trying to evade the girl as much as possible in till face cleared up, but she saw me the other day and we just stared at each other and kept walking.

    Then this other guy on 3rd asked for her number and she gave it to him and he showed me that they we're talking and she seemed interested, he was kinda being a douche. His a skater dude and he said he's just trying to get a blow job.

    I think she is still into me but my inexperience is pathetic, I'm like a little kid who just had their first crush. And everybody can see my low self esteem and inexperience. But this experience has changed my life, I'm going to start working out and working on my appearance more. I'm going to get out there and mingle a lot more and stop being a recluse. Because if I could of had that before anybody else and wasn't even trying, that means a lot to me. I have something the girls like and started noticing a lot more signals coming from customers that came in the store. And maybe me and ol girl can still hook up after my pimples clear up and get some balls. Till then I'll keep beating off to her facebook page. Smile
    ask her out or something?[as a first move....Big Grin]
    What you need is "Face Reading for Love" by Debra Jeane Houle ;-)

    What about studies / other interests if I may ask ?

    Progress might have been all right once, but it has gone on too long -- Ogden Nash
    At the risk of furthering the popular opinion that I am a know-it-all I will offer some advice.

    The entire thought process of the average teenage male is so ass-backward that it is hard to even comprehend what you are 'doing wrong'. Efforts to impress the female usually amount to short bursts of bravado, humor or compliments followed by awkward silence and an even more awkward retreat. This is because the male involved is not involved for anything other than what he can see and hear whereas the female is usually considering things on a much deeper level.

    Instead of seeing women as some object to obtain, see them as a person. I don't even mean in the feminist view-- just as sound logic. When we see a woman as a prize to win the viewpoint is immediately skewed because there isn't a lot of common ground. So I say look at the woman as another human being. Find out more about her to ascertain that she is or isn't a person with whom you can have chemistry. Even if you are only interested in sex, finding out more about a person before allowing yourself to commit is still important if you'd like to avoid those awkward bad sexual encounters.

    In the process of finding out who this person really is, you'll be allowing them to become more comfortable with you and also learning more about you and possibly becoming interested in you as a person or even a potential lover.

    And don't be disappointed if conversation doesn't lead you to love or sex. Sometimes who you are (physically and/or mentally) is not attractive to the other person. Sometimes who they turn out to be isn't as attractive to you as well.

    When I was in my early teens, I learned to play the guitar while the rest of my friends were trying to get laid. By the time I really started getting out to parties and flirting, I just sat on a tailgate and drank copious amounts of alcohol while playing my guitar. This reduced the need for me to flirt with women (its just the way things work) but it also allowed me to see guys win and fail with women objectively.

    The one thing that stood out was that men that had their own shit going on but still seemed curious about the girl and interested in her were many times more successful than the guys doing cartwheels while yelling their names.

    Find out who you are and then find out who they are and you might find what you are looking for without having to ask. Wink

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