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  • Important Maintenance (Everyone Read)
    Dear Rantcentral.

    Due to a Server Change, and getting SSL Active somewhere today. The site might go down for a little bit.
    it depends on how fast your providers DNS service changes.

    so within now and 48 hours, SSL should be active, which means you can browse the site is https mode.
    and use secured connections.

    Hope to have you all informed.

    so: if the site is down when you visit it, you know its because of movements.

    Kind Regards,
    HTorr3ntz (Rantcentralforums.com Host)
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    This is so awesome! Thanks for the heads up @HTorr3ntz Hug
    Maintenance completed, SSL not active on this domain, due to needing to buy a certificate for each domain, which i cant afford sadly Sad, though the site is moved currently to the new dedicated server.

    It could take up to a day for some users till their provider refreshed the DNS Cache.
    But the site should be fairly quick available for everyone again.

    Hope to have you all informed.
    Whatever that means (I'm not pretending I know in the slightest the kind of work you do) Thanks , and I think I can speak for all of us. Thanks for the work that I couldn't possibly realize that must go into all this.

    That being said, the good word of the LZA can continue, for that double thanks!
    (This post was last modified: 08-25-2013, 08:59 PM by LZA.)

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