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  • Immature grandma
    Hi guys, this is my first post and i dont want to be rude so i'll introduce myself

    I'm Alek.....Thats my preferred name call me what ever you want. Barely know you so it won't offend me Tongue I'm 20.....nerd thru and thru talk to me about programming, airplanes, ham radio, cars, electronics, anime yada yada i probably will know something you can talk about

    I have a boyfriend (I see you coming around the corner there) that has this grandma......TOTAL conservative TOTAL homophobe........Almost a westboro baptist church white supremises if you ask me.. The lady thinks inter racial couples are gross and that there kids will be laughed at in school

    She's 60 years old and barely acts it.

    Me and her got in an argument when she called me a know it all when I said that the brakes on my boyfriends car are only bad in the rain......they only squeak in the rain.....I told her in a calm manner "I don't feel that was appropriate and explained to her the rest of what i was saying" She stared at me blankly for a minute then finally spat back "Well I would never talk to a 60 year old woman like that I wouldve gotten smacked." she ran out of the house "trying to catch her breath" and I drove home

    A week later my boyfriend forces me to apologize against my will.....We were together and he says I think alex wanted to apologize to you........His reason was he was tired of hearing about it.....but I think it was because he wants to be on her good side so he can get what he wants.

    She wants him to get new friends......she thinks were friends even though she found out we were dating a couple of times.....never stopped when she told us too lol

    I swear he's brain washed......still ringing through my head I hear "You used to take every word i said to the bank.....still do"
    she'll get dementia soon enough.....end of problem
    How the fuck do you even tell someone that there not mature just because of there age
    Can I have her number

    steven hawking
    (05-26-2016, 10:49 AM)alexcunn Wrote:  How the fuck do you even tell someone that there not mature just because of there age
    @alexcunn because maturety has nothing to do with age,they have to realize

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