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    [Image: demo.gif]

    I've been working on this project for quite some time, and I'm proud to finally announce the full release of the Rant Central Image Feed Big Grin

    You will find a link on the main page, just below the Share Center, that leads to the main image feed for the entire site. Images from all of the public posting forums will be displayed here in an infinitely scrollable feed, much like the latest threads list.

    [Image: kRct7n3.png]

    In addition, many of the popular image threads will have dedicated image feeds. If a thread has its own feed, a link will appear at the top of each thread page for the associated image feed.

    [Image: UY4Orlu.png]

    Some forums have a dedicated image feed for all of the images posted within that forum. Those links will appear in the forum list side bar.

    [Image: daDpgED.png]

    The image feed also works well and looks great on mobile.

    [Image: mobile-demo.gif]

    Let us know what you think about it, and any feedback is welcome.

    Enjoy Smile
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